Friday, May 09, 2008

Stepping Out with a Woman

This is the second part of a two part post.

After avoiding a man, a woman was also flirting with me.

We were at a bar, man to the left of me, woman to the right of me, and both were flirting with me. Like it or not, I was enjoying it. The guy touched my ass, the woman touched my leg, and I was a lady.

Now I did not fuck the man because I did not want him to think less of me. And the woman, I thought about it.

I mean, when I was unfaithful with my husband in the past, it was with men. So with a woman, would that be different?

I have heard lots of people say, "If a woman fucks another woman, it is not exactly cheating." Actually, I have a friend who has lots of women lovers, because his husband allows female conquests but no male conquests. That is a bit twisted from my point-of-view.

But at the bar, when she was touching my leg, accidently brushing against it, I wondered if it was an easier road to take. Still did nothing about it, but I don't dream about her since I got back from the conference.


Polgara said...

Maybe i'm old fashioned, cheating is cheating regardless of gender to me
Pol x

グラント said...

This is going to be difficult to use for masturbation material, but since it is May I'll give it a go. I'm pretending that the woman you met is my Japanese teacher.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Poor Grant...;)

Yeah, I'd have to go with Polgara on this one...cheating is cheating. The only way I think The PK wouldn't consider it cheating is if he got to join in the fun....then I'm SURE he wouldn't have a problem with it. ;)

Ian Lidster said...

I also have to agree that cheating is cheating, regardless of gender.
The idea is kind of hot, though, I must confess.

Anonymous said...

I'm still with Polgara, cheating is cheating. But man I'm going to have to take a cold shower.

You must be pretty hot in person.


Lara said...

I just try to not do anything the hubby would have a problem with if he were to learn of it. And his only problem if it were a woman would be if he didn't get to watch and/or join us. LOL

Speaking of which... have I mentioned that you're pretty cute? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lara... I'd be that husband as well. I'd be pissed she didn't tell me or at least re-invite her for next weekend :)

There is nothing wrong in my mind if both parties are comfortable with an arrangement such as this or reversed.

Live and let live.

But if you know your hubby would have wigged out at you? Then once again. WTG!!!

I would have gone for the woman as well :P~



Deb said...

I think cheating is cheating is cheating.

That being said, enjoy the flirtation.

~Deb said...

I'm with the majority here. I mean, if I were to cheat on my girlfriend with a man, it still would be considered cheating. Fantasies are good and "safe" when kept within the confines of your mind and/or the bedroom. Sharing fantasies can relieve the tension as well if your hubby is ok with that too. :)

Advizor said...

I've always figured that if an orgasm is involved, then it's cheating.

This goes against all of my friends who claims that getting a full-contact lap-dance (really, just dry humping a insanely hot and naked girl) isn't cheating, or that a massage with a "happy ending" isn't stepping out.

If both parties agree that strip clubs and massages are OK, and full disclosure has occurred, then it's between the people in the couple.

I've heard cheating defined as "going outside the primary relationship for sexual or emotional gratification." That's why cybersex, intimate workplace flirting, and and having a "work wife" are so fraught with danger, especially from the woman's perspective. The man denies that getting off during cybersex, or getting a hand job at the strip club is cheating because it's "just" physical and has no emotional content.

The wife sees it as cheating because she sees all sex as an emotional expression and feels betrayed because he went to someone else. Most women that I have interviewed say that sex is their duty and their pleasure, so when the husband steps out, their feel betrayed because he broke a vow of fidelity, but also rejected, because, in the woman's mind, the man isn't getting what he wants at home so he goes out and gets it elsewhere.

While it's fun to imagine Leesa with another woman (and believe me Leesa, we've all done it, in fact, I'm doing it right now.. hhhmmmm, baby oil... hmmmmm) it's also nice to know that she's making good choices for her marriage.

Leesa said...

polgara: I think you are right.

grant: you are a hoot.

stacy: I think you are right, too.

ian: guess I am giving Grant material after all.

edge: thanks, sweetie.

lara: and you are adorable, sweetie.

Pyth0s: yeah, guess it was not my week.

deb: thanks, sweetie.

~deb: I think majority rules.

advisor: so is bad sex cheating? Sex without orgasm? Just teasing.

Advizor said...


It's not cheating if it's really bad sex, usually we just call that marriage.

And as for "sex w/o orgasm", I used that as an excuse for a while since she was the only one who got to climax. She said we weren't cheating (we were both married) because I only used my fingers.

My wife disagreed with both of us.

Muse said...

Having been on both sides of this fence..

Id have to say, either man or woman, its cheating.

Leesa said...

advisor: I agree with your wife.

muse: I agree with you too, babe.