Friday, May 30, 2008


Inertia: a property of matter that causes it to resist changes in speed or direction (velocity).

We learn about inertia in the physical sciences, and for most of us, it stops with a true/false question on an exam. Or maybe multiple choice, something I prefer to those darned true/false questions.

Inertia is something that keeps us doing the same thing over time. I have a cup of coffee or a Diet Dr. Pepper in the morning. Then I decide it would be better for me, for my teeth, for my neurological system that tells me I should quit. And I decide to quit. But then inertia keeps me wanting my Diet Dr. Pepper in the morning. A bad habit.

Do you ever notice we don't focus on the good habits in our lives? Those who go to the gym five days per week? Or those who floss? We don't really even think about it.

Inertia is the elephant in the room – something we don't talk about – when we think about doing something else. The book I have committed to write but have written a couple of pages. Son-of-a-bitch. So why don't we do the things we should do and avoid the things we should avoid? Inertia. That little word that was worth five points on a high school sophomore's science test.

I have no other answers today. Just thinking about inertia.


Joe said...

The difficult thing is that inertia will probably keep you from being able to stop thinking about inertia. That's what we call irony.

That said, I'm trying to start eating healthy since I think I'm about 30 pounds overweight (according to at least one website). It's awfully difficult to change habits, though.

Bruce said...


You are beautifully, indescribably, exquisitely random. I think I love you. "Mental" inertia. Is that a metaphor or a simile?

Leesa said...

joe: yeah, I am trying to loose some pounds as well. Yeah, but I know, you are getting married. Need to fit into those silk boxers.

bruce: thanks, sweetie. Actually, and adjective.