Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going Pantyless

Several months ago, there were pictures of Britney Spears's love muffin all over the web. Then there were pictures of Paris Hilton's love muffin as well. And Lindsay Lohan's. Now I don't know if paparazzi intentionally go for the crotch shot, but they definitely get some shots when taking pictures of these women.

And then there is Ashley Tisdale 1 who says she's nothing like them - she always wears panties.

She did an interview for Blender magazine recently, and she is quoted as saying: "I don't know why they do that. Maybe they didn't do their laundry. I’m definitely the kind of person to wear underwear all the time."

I absolutely love her answer.

I don't know if you do it, but when I read an interview, I think of something that would have been better to say than what was said. Okay, my weird word play has disadvantages. I never read that Tom Cruise was into scientology because he liked controlling his wife - that was just something in my head that I heard.

But when I read the bit in Blender – someone emailed me the link – I don't read magazines named after kitchen utensils, I would have answered differently.

Blender Magazine asks some question about my opinion of why some celebs don't wear panties.

Ashley Tisdale (in Leesa's head): "I don't know why they do that. Maybe they have recurrent yeast infections."

Blender Magazine (in Leesa's head): "Are you saying that Britney, Paris and Lindsay have yeast infections?"

Ashley Tisdale (in Leesa's head): "I didn't say that. I was just giving a hypothesis as to why they seem to be pantyless. I had a friend in middle school who did not wear panties because a doctor told her not to. Something to do with infections."

Blender Magazine (in Leesa's head): "So what are you saying about Britney, Paris and Lindsay's love muffins?"

Ashley Tisdale (in Leesa's head): "I am sorry. I have no knowledge of their love muffins. Well, maybe not Lindsay's."

Blender Magazine (in Leesa's head): "So you are familiar with Lindsay's love muffin?"

Ashley Tisdale (in Leesa's head): "I didn't say that either. I meant I saw it in one of the celeb gossip pages."

Before the interview was over, I would have had to reach over and destroy the interviewer's notes and tape recorder. I then would have been arrested for assault, but would have taken a dynamite mug shot. Afterwards, I would have gone on a drinking binge, got in a taxi, then upon getting out of the taxi, a paparazzo takes a picture of my love muffin.


1Okay, she is one of the stars of "High School Musical". I don't get cable, but I did see the original, made for Disney TV movie.


Advizor said...

Panties - Yes? Panties - No?

Back when I was young I had a relationship with a woman who almost never wore panties, but she always wore pantyhose. Her favorite outfit was a little baby-doll dress and she sent me e-mails telling me that she had "forgotten" to put on panties that day. She would then lure me into our break room or the elevator and flash me to prove her point. It was absolutely one of the sexiest things I have ever experienced.

More recently, I had a relationship with a woman who never wore panties, ever. To make it better, she admitted that she was easily aroused and got "wet" quickly when ever we were talking or together. To seal the deal, she said that she was completely shaved, as smooth as billiard ball. I thought she was the perfect woman.

It was only later, when we were past the "flirting" stage that she admitted that all three were due to a medical condition, almost like a perpetual infection. It was awful. A complete mood-wrecker. She went from being a shaved, wet, panty-less vixen to a girl who "oozes.”

Your post also takes me back to when my brother-in-law started dating his (now) wife. She wore short, short skirts and her panties were always flashing. At first it was sexy, and taboo to see them, but after a while it was like, "Jeez, cover up ya' ho"

グラント said...

I frequently don't wear underwear, but somehow I think women find that less sexy than we do. Nobody has tried to photograph my love mushroom. I'm not sure why. I'm just as popular as Paris and Britney - it's just that not as many people know that.

Leesa said...

advizor: I loved your second story. I did not know where it was going. Not that I liked where it ended.

grant: I think people don't notice your love mushroom. At least that's my theory.

Edge said...

I gave up underwear a few months ago. Totally love it. Don't even notice it. If my pants are a thinner material I do wear some, but it's much nicer in the heat going commando. You should try it at least now and then. Had an ex that went commando before it was called commando. Loved it! And it's more common than you think.


Tim said...

I'm old, so I remember in the late sixties and early seventies alot of us went commando. It probably had something to do with not doing laundry. LOL! I've since gotten over it.

Loved your Ashley Tisdale (In Leesa's Head) interview and by the way, I have the camera ready after the interview (In Tim's head)

Rob said...

So Leesa, it's still not clear to me from your post -- are YOU wearing panties or not? That's all I really care about! ;-)

Scott said...

I've never been with a Woman who didn't wear underwear. It's always sounded sexy but in reality I'm not sure it would be.

Underwear was "invented" for a reason - Hygiene.

It absorbs perspiration (and anything else you might produce down yonder). That keeps it out of your pants/skirt/dress.

In desperation I've gone without it before (but that's cuz I didn't have any that was clean) and I was uncomfortable.

In my case I was wearing jeans and they don't feel all that great rubbing against my genitalia. And zipping/unzipping is another thing entirely....

As far as Blender Magazine is concerned, I really like it. They have a lot of individual song reviews that have turned me on to some music I'd have not found otherwise (their "Download This" section).

Oh and btw, a blender isn't a kitchen utensil. :D

Diane Mandy said...

Before thongs I'd go commando to get rid of those unsightly panty lines.

Your interview was much better than Ashley T., but that's not surprising.

Joe said...

And that's EXACTLY why you weren't asked to star in High School Musical.

Leesa said...

edge: I think you might change what types of pants you purchase.

tim: brilliant! I never thought of having the interview videotaped.

rob: panties are my friend.

scott: I did not know what Blender was.

diane: I don't mind panty lines if I am wearing nice panties.

joe: I can't carry a tune, either.

Scott said...


I'm not sure we're on the same page about blenders. You referred to a blender as a "kitchen utensil". It's not a utensil, it's a kitchen appliance (more specifically a "small electric" appliance).

Ian Lidster said...

All is good Leesa, just for the charming term 'love muffin.'

As for panty-lines; I absolutely love panty lines. Me and Tony Roberts, if you check out Annie Hall and his reference to VPL. So utterly agree.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 35 mom of 3 who goes p-less probably like 75% of the time when wearing skirts regardless of the length. For many reasons such as its incredibly comfortable and that little breeze is so refreshing. It leaves you feeling a bit naughty & ver ysexy adn my husband loves it. I honestly believe this is far more common than anyone relizes. I have 3 very good friends all about the same age & all go p-less a majority of the time when wearing dresses or skirts. One says she never wears then in the summer, only when she has jeans on.

Anonymous said...

This will make a few folks chuckle, and a few say .... hell, I don't know what...
When I was a young lout (now I'm an old lout) I saw a concert at the college I was about to attend, in the summer.
The band got hot, took off their shirts to cool off, and, well, you could see their tighty-whiteys above their pants. I thought it looked a bit uncool, so the next day I quit wearing underwear. This was before folks called it going commando. Let me tell you, the inside of a pair of levis is damn rough, and I almost gave up the practice after just a few days...
But then, I discovered an "unintended consequence" of my new habit of going without underwear.
Everybody probably knows about the fact that young lads tend to "go off before it gets out of the holster" so - to -speak... stamina in the bedroom is not usually a young man's strong suit.
Well... I seemed to develop a talent to... stay in the saddle... for a LONG time after I went sans underwear. Became known as "long -winded Mike" and so forth; got a few admiring glances from buddies girlfriends, my girlfriend's roommates, etc. ...I probably took advantage of it a time or two....
Those were interesting days.

Anonymous said...

I gave up wearing panties during my last year at school. I was quite tall which made my skirts seem very short. Quite a few saw I had no panties on, but this gave me a thrill and I suppose i deliberately gave a few people a flash of my by now shaven pussy.
My mother didn't seem to mind when I told her I was no longer wearing any panties and said that she often left hers of in the warm weather.
I have now been completely pantyless for four years. I love to wear really short skirts and dresses, and would never go back to wearing the horrible things again.

Anonymous said...

I'm a twenty three year old girl living in southern England. I gave up wearing knickers (panties) about four years ago.
It is so much more comfortable without them,and certainly more sexy.
I love to wear really short skirts and dresses and feel the breeze on my shaven pussy.
I suspect that quite a few people have seen up my skirt and realised that I had no knickers on. I don't mind this, it makes it even better.
Geraldine M.

Anonymous said...

Pics or its not true.

Anonymous said...

I gave up wearing knickers during my last year at school. Several of us girls did it at about the same time. I'm quite tall which made my school uniform skirts look very short so I had to be very careful. It gave me quite a buzz knowing that one careless move would totally expose me.
These days I don't really care who gets a look up my skirt at my smoothly shaven pussy. I think that the feeling of total comfort far outweighs the problems.

Anonymous said...

Im a 23 year old girl who gave up wearing knickers about five years ago. I never liked wearing them and found it so much more comfortable without.
Im quite tall, and love wearing really short skirts to show off my legs which are my best assets.
With skirts so short I have to be careful when bending and sitting, although there have been many times when it is obvious that I've got no knickers on. It doesn't really bother me, in fact it's quite sexy.

Anonymous said...

I have been totally knickerless for the last four years. Most of the time I wear short skirts and dresses.
I live in a city in Britain and work in an office there.
During this summer I have noticed an ever growing number of young girls who are obviously naked under their skimpy skirts. Some of them don't seem to mind just how much they are showing, and if the wind blows their skirts up they seem in no hurryto pull them down.
Only a few days ago while shopping I saw a group of quite young girls sitting on a town centre bench. As I walked past it was obvious that three of them had no knickers on. Everything was on display.
Although I don't wear knickers, I am a little more discreet.