Monday, May 05, 2008

Sports and Democrats

I saw that the Atlanta Hawks drew out Boston to seven games. After Game 6, I knew the Hawks were going to go down in flames in Game 7. They were chanting "Game 7. Game 7" after game 6, sort of like they had just won the Superbowl. Okay, mixed metaphor, but you get the idea.

The same weekend, some horse broke two ankles in the Kentucky Derby. When I was growing up, I can't remember any horse being put down at the major races. Sure, I knew it happened, but I never experienced it.

I don't know about sports in the spring. I don't like basketball or baseball. Not professional basketball or baseball, at least. Normally, the Atlanta Hawks are on vacation come playoffs. Well, ten games before playoffs, actually. And now this with the Kentucky Derby. I think I will not watch sports until August 28!

I guess I will turn my attention to politics. It can't be any less upsetting that putting a horse down after she breaks a couple of ankles.

I heard the other day that Rush Limbaugh is taking credit for Hillary's victories in Texas and Ohio. Well, that fat conservative (is he still fat?) takes credit for a heck of a lot. I don't know a lot about Rush now a days, but he has a bit of an ego. Actually, Hillary should thank Obama.

Obama mishandled the whole Jaramiah Wright situation. If Senator Obama would take my calls, here is what I would tell him:

Senator Obama, here is how you should have settled the whole Jaramiah Wright situation. You should have started by explaining that you have been associated with Reverend Wright for sixteen years (he said "almost 20"). I have been married for almost 16 years, and I would have never characterized it as almost 20. Perhaps "feels like 20", but never actually almost twenty.

Then, Senator, I would have explained that Reverend Wright grew up a generation before you did. He saw things, experienced things, that helped shape way he sees the world. I do not have the anger that Reverend Wright has, but I can understand his feelings, given his experiences. Some have suggested that Obama must believe what Jaramiah Wright believes. I don't believe everything my priest believes. And I have had priests that have thought some really strange things.

I have known people who lived through rough times, times where people were mistreated based on their skin color. And I can understand how some people's view of the world would be changed, based on those experiences.

The Reverend Wright has said some pretty awful things, but his opinions are not Obama's opinions. It's not like Obama lied about ducking from sniper fire in Bosnia. Obama's making some mistakes right now. How the heck can he make these mistakes? I mean, it's just common sense, right?


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I don't even want to go in to politics today...I work for a politician, so I deal with it every day. GAH!!!

As far as sports go? About the only sport I REALLY enjoy is college football....I CANNOT wait for the season to start. Go Seminoles! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thing is, I bet Obama wasn't even in church most of the 16 years. It's the church secretary I want to talk to. Was he in a men's group or a Bible study.

His spin could have been, "Ya I was a member there but my senatorial duties kept me away a lot."

All that anger is not a good thing for either side.


GW Mush said...

Hi Leesa,

I only wish that I could spend a few minutes talking to Reverend Wright.

I would tell him that Jesus second coming wont be on a white horse,  it will be in a UFO.

Then I would tell him to beware of white midget power.
See that show about midgets life on TV? All the midgets are always white!

Leesa, we need pics of your butt to see how your 10 lb weight loss goal is going.

Clyde said...

Sorry---but horses dont have ankles---it is a fetlock joint and unfortunately it is usually the cannon bone that they smash and have to be destroyed----it is almost a better fate than some owners give them if they cant earn prize money.
My god, the rest of the world laughs at the USA's prolonged election process----and then George W wins by having 2 states counted out-----and the man cant string three words together.

Lara said...

Well Obama found his common sense in the whole "gas tax holiday" thing. Only problem is, who knows how many of the general public realizes it. I wanted to smack one of hubby's friends yesterday who actually supported the proposal because "it's less money out of my pocket". And he's a smart kid... very smart. Just makes me shake my head.

Perhaps common sense isn't what is needed, but it's what I vote for. And even though Obama made a few mistakes in the whole Jaramiah fiasco, I still think overall he's got common sense.

グラント said...

I wonder if we can start a petition to have Rush and the Reverend put down.

Leesa said...

stacy: yeah, I like college football as well.

edge: good points. I thought the paster was in his circle of friends, though. Could be window dressing.

gw mush: I would tell Reverend Wright that I have seen the same type of anger before. From my white grandfather.

clyde: those two states were not counted out.

lara: I don't think Obama has that much common sense. I think taxes should be more transparent - so we know how we are paying for our government. Income taxes are just the tip of the iceberg.

grant: what a noble effort.