Monday, May 19, 2008

Movie Reviews

I remember Siskel and Ebert – they were the first movie reviews I ever really watched. Gene Siskel, as I recall, got brain cancer and died. By then, I had stopped watching their reviews.

At first, I started watching them because they were entertaining and their information helped me make decisions on movies that were in that somewhat grey area. Yeah, they had an actor or actress I enjoyed watching, but the previews looked questionable. They gave me useful information.

After a while of their same stick, I started watching their interactions. Sometimes they would can a movie, say it was not very good, but they would say that young men in search of boobies might find redeeming value in the movie. Okay, so their interactions did not say that, precisely, but you know what I mean.

I watched a movie this weekend with my husband, and we really took two different approaches. The movie was not one I would have ever seen on purpose. In fact, if I were in a plane at 30,000 feet and the movie was on, I might take a nap.

The movie was Speed Racer.

Okay, I did not really ever watch Speed Racer when it was on TV. I don't like Anime, and I don't like cars. I read the reviews as well – something about a movie giving people headaches. That it was a fast-paced and slow-paced movie, wavering between the two. So watching this movie was an act of love.

On the other hand, my husband loved the movie. He said that the movie reminded him of the TV series, not the artwork but the spirit of the series. Personally, I think he is full of crap. But I am still suffering from the over-stimulation of my optic nerve.

Funny thing is that I was waiting for the movie to end and he loved every minute of the movie. We watched the same movie and had totally different takes on it.

When I was in college, there was a movie reviewer called Joe Bob. He used to review really bad movies. But it seemed he really gave reviews that his audience appreciated.

Don't worry – I will not do movie reviews. I think there should be movie food reviews, though. Cost verses quality/tastiness.


Anonymous said...

My wife tells me that you have to find a reviewer who likes the same thing you do. The interwub has made that easier. There is some guy out there who's reviews are dead on for her. I haven't found anyone like that. I just look to see if there will be b00bs in the movied and I'll like it.


~Deb said...

I always seemed to disagree with movie reviewers. I know, I go against the grain. *sigh* I just think their choices that they recommend were kind of vanilla. But that's just me.


richmanwisco said...

that was a pretty good review...and, more importantly, you have influenced my decision on whether to go see it or not.

so it didn't take two guys on tv to tell me a flick was good. these days it's a snap to get two dozen reviews, giving you more data to go on. and that's the beauty of the tubes.

(truth in advertising: i wasn't planning on seeing it because i heard it's a turkey, but if you had said it was blazes, i would have rethought my position)

Leesa said...

edge: nice idea. I will have to check it out.

~deb: yeah, you seem to be a unique person. This does not surprise me in the least.

richman: I did not think it was good. My husband did.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I remember Joe Bob...wasn't he supposed to be like a Red-necky guy?

I have NO desire to see Speed Racer. I never watched it as a kid...but I did watch Speed buggy...remember him?

And cost (of both food AND the movie) is one of the main reasons I can't get The PK to take me to the movies anymore. This time though, I've threatened him. If he doesn't take me to see the new Indian Jones movie, I'll go alone. It won't be the first time I've gone by myself. I used to feel SO self conscience going alone...but now that I'm older, I just don't give a damn. ;)

kathi said...

I use to watch Siskel and Ebert, the way they'd verbally spar was fun to watch. I also remember Joe Bob, he was funny too.

I hardly ever agree with the reviews. A few I have. Most of the time I don't agree with other people in the theater either. When the boys and I went to see No Country For Old Men, people actually boo'ed at the end of the film. The boys and I loved it. You can never tell.

Leesa said...

stacey: I sometimes like going to movies by myself. But like you, I would never have done it when I was younger.

kathi: yeah, people's tastes definitely are different. I know me and my MIL are always at other ends of the spectrum.