Monday, June 27, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated by the talented and music-loving Xmichra with the “Versatile Blogger Award” (pictured above)

This award is a way to give some virtual “shout-outs” to other bloggers you follow and whom others might not yet have discovered. People on my recently resurrected blog probably know Xmichra – she’s Canadian, so she misspells words like ‘color’ and ‘honor.’ And she knows more about music than I ever did.

The rules:

1) Publicly thank the award giver and link to them in your post.
2) Tell your readers 7 things about yourself that you might not have already.
3) Present this award to other bloggers whose work you enjoy and
4) Contact the honorees

On to the Nitty-Gritty:

1 – I love really good seafood, but I also eat at Red Lobster. I really like their rolls, but I hate their broccoli. Their broccoli is disgusting most of the time, and there is nothing else green on the menu. I don’t really know why I eat there, but I do, and I don’t tell others about it.

2 – I swore I would never dye my hair, and now, I dye my hair. I don’t know if I would dye it if I were in a happy marriage. It shocks me that I dye my hair; completely against all I believe in.

3 – I am not on Facebook. And until recently, I was not really on any site. Life is better, I think, when we avoid these sites (even blogging sites). Just my opinion.

4 – I didn’t know how to drive until I was 18 years old. I got a learner’s permit at 14, but I never drove. One week before entering college, I purchased a crappy car and got my driver’s license. I failed the driving test the first time I took it and passed the second time (my total amount of time behind the wheel by then was less than two hours. When I went to school, I drove 150 miles. I spent more time in the car driving than my whole life. When I drive now, I assume there is at least one similar driver on the street like I was at 18. Scares the hell out of me.

5 – When I was a sophomore in college, I saw one of my former professors in a bar and he hit on me.

6 – My first kiss with tongue was with my cousin. I did not French kiss anyone else for 3 years afterwards because it was so gross. I have a feeling I really missed out for those three years.

7 – I don’t watch much television, but when I do happen to like a show, it gets canceled soon-there-after. The latest show: The Unusuals.

And the Pay it Forward goes to:

And I still think so - He is a real writer, I am just a pale imitation. Sometimes I am not sure what he is writing about, but I love the meter.

Peace of My Mind - A few years ago, I would tease Leesa, since we share a name. She lives in a house where bears visit, and that is not just symbolism.

The Muse Wakes - She is a bit like me. She stopped writing for some time, then stated again.

Discombobulating Grant - Another writer. He knows more about the craft than me, but he hides it well by posting pics of young Asian women.

Smiling Through It All - I have read Karen for a while. She has a razor sharp wit, and I enjoy her posts.

Two of the five people Xmichra picked would have been people I would originally have had on my list.


Xmichra said...

I had a hard time with the tage, 2 of coops tage I would have as well ;)

Blogging in moderation is definately my thing. Well, not so much moderation as a half an hour in the morning while I wake up is pretty well my limit. it works better at home that way :)

I dye my hair all the time. Currently it is purple and black :D
dyeing my hair is an extension of art, so it's important to me. I have stopped dyeing it really bizzare colours since being married... so perhaps I am your yang ;)

Dr. Deb said...

So happy to learn that you are back blogging. Now I have to read to catch up....

Karen said...

Thanks for tagging me. I will do it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Leesa: My old friend found anew much to my delight, I thank you for the honor and am flattered by your complimentary words. I shall get to it presently. And don't demean your writing skills, wit, imagination and creativity. I don't come around here just because you're beautiful, but also because I love what you write.

Leesa said...

Xmichra: Older women in Germany sometimes dye their hair purple. How wonderful would that be?

Dr. Deb: You are always so sweet . . . .

Karen: You are quite welcome.

Ian: The difference between me and you. I am an amateur writer and you are a professional writer. You know your craft well.

Leesa said...

Wow.. haven't done one of these in ages. Let's see what I can come up with.