Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Strange YouTube profile

I sometimes watch YouTube - not for the cats, the drunk people falling off tables or the vloggers. I find old songs, and sometimes when the Daily Show makes fun of a video, I look for it.

Well, the other day, I noticed someone who signed my profile page. She sent a sweet note, but the note below was a bit upsetting. It said, "Great Channel lol". Okay, upsetting is not really the word. I was a little pissed. I don't really spend any time on my channel because I don't make videos. So I went to his/her site, just to see what a good channel looked like.

Well, his/her channel is a bunch of new age stuff. Most of the stuff on the site refers to J. Krishnamurti. Well, I had no idea who Krishnamurti was, so I looked for his site, or at least some article discussing the philosopher. After reading the stuff, I was still confused on what this guy believed. Here is a sample:

Freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not choice. It is man’s pretence that because he has choice he is free. Freedom is pure observation without direction, without fear of punishment and reward.

That is not the surprising part. The surprising part is that the background image is a repeating image of a woman (I have included a copy to the right of these words).

Someone who is all about interspection has the background of a hottie, and talks smack on other's pages. Just strange.

Speaking of strange, I got this sweet message from Katie in response to some constructive criticism:

Hey! I don't want you to think I took that song down because I was upset about what you said. I am doing a challenge with some friends where we have to write a song every week. And I haven't written a song since October - ie I cannot just summon up inspiration so I am really struggling. I agree with just about everything you said. (And so you know, this week's song is even worse.) But I will keep working at it - I promise. (:

Xmichra likes accustic versions of songs, and Katie just uses a guitar to accompany her voice. She also writes her own music. You ought to check her out. She is really good.


Xmichra said...

checking her out, thanks Leesa :)

Deb said...

Xmichra, you write your own music? I do as well - love hearing other people's new stuff.

Leesa!!! This Youtube site was so very strange and so very intriguing! You have introduced me to many Youtubers that I have fallen in love with, but this one takes the cake. I did not fall in love, however, I found it interesting - kinda like looking at a bug under a microscope kinda interesting.


Deb said...

P.S. I am SO glad you are back. I really am.

Xmichra said...

Deb - I write, and sometimes it is songs, but i dare not perform them ;)

Leesa said...

deb: it was soooooo strange.

xmichra: the one youtuber is a keeper, the other one is strange indeed.