Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sweet Dreams

The other day, Zephyr made a comment concerning "I wish I had a sex dream."

While I can't help out Zephyr specifically, I wanted to tell you a little secret about unlocking sexy dreams. It works for me, and it may work for you. Now I have not done this in a while, but it works every time I have tried it.

I start by drawing a very hot bath before bedtime. I imagine it does not matter what kind of bath salts (which I prefer) or bubble bath you use. The trick is to stay in the bath a long time. I bring a book into the bath; any book will do. The trick is to get really sleepy because of the hot water and the reading.

Afterwards, I towel dry, but instead of getting into my comfy PJs, I slip into bed. I normally don't sleep au naturel. And I drift into a deep sleep.

During the night, I always seem to have erotic dreams. In the winter, I did this nighttime ritual three nights in a row, and it worked each time. If you normally sleep in the nude, my guess is that this will not work for you. Who knows, perhaps it just works for me. But it works like a charm, and it can be wonderful.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a hot bath?


Deb said...

I couldn't leave a comment before for some reason... But yes, I totally agree - I'm not the type to sleep without clothes - I'm bundled up like the most unsexiest thing you can imagine while my wife sleeps in the buff, but even when I randomly do if it's 90 degrees outside, I STILL don't get those ~nice~ dreams as you speak of. But, I will say that the bath helps a lot... something about the nice hot water, and the calmness of it all, ---perfect combo!

LarryLilly said...

Leesa said "Why have a boyfriend when you have a bath"...

its a whole lot easier, and healthy even, to dump the bath water when its no longer warm, inviting and/or relaxing than a boyfriend grown cold, useless and stressful

just saying..

Zephyr said...

Thanks for the tip Leesa. I don't usually sleep nude (scared of kids walking in or something I guess) but it is an incredibly erotic feeling to feel the sheets sliding over bare skin... so it could work. What's the worst that could happen? (besides kids walking in... LOL)

Leesa said...

Deb: I rarely sleep without clothes, but I did it during a week (the dreams were great), and very occasionally I do it now.

larry: my thought exactly.

zephyr: yeah, I am living by myself now.