Saturday, June 04, 2011

Comparing Price Tags

Xmichra does a Musical Revolution each Friday, where she shares music she has been listening to.

I want to do a comparison of the song Price Tag. Well, Jessie J originally released the video, but then some 12-year-old covered the song. Maddi Jane has a powerful voice for a little girl. The difference in thesong, as far as I can tell, is that she says "Dang" instead of "Damn."

I have started watching The Voice. The first two shows were the best - just dealt with the voice of the participant. Now they work on presentation, etc. For the two videos, obviously Jessie J has a more polished voice, and she sexes up the song. I just can't get over Maddi Jane's cover, though. I actually like the song better. It is less cynical, I suppose. More pure. But I just love the strong, not polished voice.


Anonymous said...

it's bittersweet to hear a kid with obvious vocal talent and hope she doesn't get chewed up and spit out by a heartless music business. Hopefully she'll have solid guidance if she chooses to go that way.

Xmichra said...

I love this song as well (on a prior Friday post ;) ) and agree, Maddi does a great version. I tend to love accustic versions over the glam'd version too. But there is something about a young starlet untainted by the bright lights belting out an honest tune.

LarryLilly said...

I watched the voice early on, but once they got past the blind picks, it became somewhat prediactable.

But the blind part is just like internet dating. As you may know I met my current wife in an online chat room. And even though she is normal, has only one head, two eyes, somewhat level and spaced apart, she could have been a one-eyed troll. My heart "saw" her beauty long before my eyes did. Now granted, not all my internet dates turned out that way, one did have some issues that brought new meaning to what you get is not what you think or see even.

Leesa said...

coopernicus: her mother seems to be protective. I think they are shielding her from all of the crap so far.

xmichra: my favorite singer on YouTube does acoustic.

larry: I am a bit suspect of internet dating myself. I really liked the first two episodes of The Voice. Now I am not as thrilled with it. I do like Cee-lo though.