Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kissing an Octopus

I went out on a date last weekend. The date went well, and at the end of the date, I found myself at his place. We were just going to drop off the doggie bag at his refrigerator, and then hit a bar for a nightcap. Before any of you say, “He just wanted to get you into bed; that’s the dropping-something-by-the-house move”, yeah, I knew that. We had a drink at his place (an Australia Shiraz), and we continued our conversation out on his deck. He is cute, but a little timid.

I told him I was tired, and needed to get back home, and we kissed by my car in his driveway. I could tell he wanted to kiss me, and I figure one kiss and back home. Well, what I did not count on was that he was a really good kisser. After about a minute kissing, his hands started roving. And like most guys, he went straight for my ass. I blocked his move with my hand, grunted “n’t, nah” into our continued kissing, as we continued. After another minute, I suggested that we sit down for a minute.

The next hour, we were on the couch, kissing. Every ten minutes or so, he would reach his hand towards my ass and breasts, and I always countered. When I was a twenty-something co-ed, I hated guys who were all hands. This, however, was much more enjoyable. He knew his boundaries and tested them, normally after a barrage of wonderful kisses. I would make some comparison to hockey and red lines and icing, but I really don’t know enough about hockey to make the analogy work.

The point is that dating, even dating people who want things other than me, can be fun anyway. I mean, part of me wanted to do more than kiss, but the kissing was . . . awesome. Okay, to read the previous sentence correctly, you need to sing the word ‘awesome.’ And I don’t want the kissing to end. Sometimes when things progress, awesome kissing stops. And the roving hands was sort of hot, too. I mean, it was hot because all it took was some light pressure or a no-no groan, and he played nice. Now, I don’t know when he will call next (during the date, I told him I was really busy today), but he will call. I just have to figure out how to interact with him that does not lead to me losing my panties on a second date.


Anonymous said...

Lose the panties, but tell him the kissing has to continue. Both of you win.

Xmichra said...

Sounds like a really good chemistry at any rate! Good kissing skills is important.

Michael said...

Sounds like a good date overall. Good kissers are really ones to hang on to!

One way to not lose your panties is to not wear any :-) just kidding!

Hopefully date two will be at least as good as date 1.

Zephyr said...

I am ready to lose my panties... but not yet ready to date, so it's prob not a good idea to lose the panties. So if you lose yours, just claim that you're doing it as a favor to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

How refreshing and enlightening to read this tale from the 'girl' point of view. And you paid him sucha wonderful compliment re his kissing. Losing the panties will be at your discretion but for him I would think where there's life there's hope. If he had been me I'd be pretty encouraged by your blog.

snowelf said...

Totally sang the word awesome.
You're right--it works!!
My current dating stories revolve around an awesome kisser as well.
And as I haven't finished the tale yet, I don't want to give away the ending--but believe me--I know exactly what you mean about the second date.


Leesa said...

knot: I had not intention of losing my panties. Two weeks later and oops.

xmichra: good chemistry.

michael: had date 4 on Tuesday. He is a good dater.

zephyr: I was not ready to date 6 months ago. I am ready now.

ian: thanks, sweetie. And he knows nothing about my blog.

snow: I need to catch up on your story, sweetie.