Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Readers' Comments

I was reading Cliff the other day, and he was talking about a comment by a co-worker. I have had a few comments that are classified as "neat." And by "neat", I mean different. I have had my share of neat comments – sure, my regular commenters are insightful, funny, inquisitive (insert additional ass-kissing remarks here). Truly I have seen some funny comments.

But I have had a couple of the comments that seem to be, well, more unique.

A few years ago, a staff producer of a television show made a comment that indicated they wanted to talk to me about being on their show concerning cheating spouses and recovery. Okay, I am writing this blog anonymously, but they wanted me to go on camera in New York City to show about me screwing around on my husband. Yeah, that seems like an idea. Let's rip open some of the healing so that someone's TV show can get some ratings. No thanks. [I am fairly certain that, at the time, if you typed in "cheating whore", my blog was in the top ten.] Okay a bit melodramatic, but you get the idea.

For a little while, I was writing YouTube reviews. It was a bad idea, and most people didn't like it. But I got a note from someone who is a YouTube celebrity. She is a teenager from Australia, but a YouTube celebrity. She was on some news show (60 minutes?). That was kinda neat. But again, she is a teenager. It is not like Zac Efron left a message. [Is it wrong to think he is a hottie?]

Of course, the first comment I received was from Ddot. He no longer blogs, but it was a thrill getting my first comment. He is African American and most of his readers were also African American. I felt like the white chick in the room. It was kinda cool.

The first comment that hurt my feelings was from Deb. She misunderstood what I was saying (because it was not clear). This was years ago (2005), and since then, I have become one of Deb's biggest fans. Weird how life works.

The first comment that was unsettling was from Grant. I don't remember the comment, but it involved violence and humor (and no, those two adjectives together will not get you closer to the comment I first remembered).

The first commentor that pissed me off on a regular basis was Prata. I even would cut-and-paste his comments to a new blog entry and argue with him. I just needed that much space. He is very intelligent, and for a while, he had some time on his hands so he would argue with me. He rarely reads me anymore, and I am fine with that.

Anyway, the next time you make a comment on someone else's blog, it may mean the world to that person. Does this sound too cute and pink and adorable? Sorry. Perhaps tomorrow I will post pictures of a little Asian girl with a couple of weapons.

I missed the president's news conference, and I went to YouTube to get it. Some guy just posted it. Every time I think YouTube is going to shrivel and die, I do something that confirms my own mind that it is not going away at all.

Is the "scheduled post" feature working for you? It has not been working for me.


74WIXYgrad said...

First thanks for the link. That always means a lot to me.

I never set out to offend anybody with posts or comments. If I do, I either will apologize or be careful not to make that type of comment again.

I like being a good guy blogger.

Deb said...

I do apologize if my first comment to you was offensive. I'm not sure what I had said back then, but I'm sorry I hurt you. Do you remember what was said? I don't recall... But I feel bad now. :( I absolutely love your blog.

Under the Influence said...

I have received a few comments that leave me going "huh?" and I have left a few that have probably done the same, not intentionally.

I also received a passive-aggressive but scathing comment once that I ended up blogging about. Not just to defend myself, but to clear up any confustion about who I am.

Xmichra said...

I get all sorts. Mostly because of the advice column ( i mean who am *I* to give advice, *I* don't have a degree or anything...). But my regular blog has plenty of good feedback.

I stopped blogging about really personal things (especially to do with my spouce) because of the constant push to get a divorce. I found that odd... so many people have the reaction of divorce for the solution to an arguement. At any rate, I leave that stuff out now. Plus, I am not as annon as I used to be.

The scheduled post works, but you have to leave it alone (no editing) and it has to be the next day (or rather, can't be in the same day you save in). I don't know why. I wrote to blogger about it, and they sent me to the faq's page. :(

Leesa said...

WIXY: I always link when I can.

Deb: My original post (that you commented on) was a bit insensitive.

Influence: Yeah, some comments are about the "huh?"

Xmichra: Thanks about the scheduled post stuff.

Sheen V said...

I have yet to receive an offensive comment. Maybe I'm just reading them the wrong way. Maybe this comment is truly offensive in a Zen sort of way.

Grant said...

I keep getting mostly nice comments instead of unsettling ones. I think only nice people get mean comments.

BTW, the show in NY would have been cool if you demonstrated some of the sex acts you committed. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they don't air any shows recorded North of the Manson-Nixon line down here.

LiLu said...

Trolls are the worst... fortunately, I have been relatively left alone (knock on wood) but I have e-friends who've had to go to comment moderation, which I would HATE. I hope that never happens to me!

Leesa said...

Sheen: no offensive comments? Not even from me?

Grant: Yeah, when I am more bitchy I don't get offensive comments. Like they think I might track down their Internet activity and "cap 'em".

LiLu: I had a troll problem in my garden once. Nasty boogers.

Deb said...

What "original" post? Or, "which"?

~gkw said...

I have you know I Googled "CHEATING WHORE" and you weren't even on the first 3 pages... My interest kinda died after that and I went back and read the rest of your post....

Ian Lidster said...

I think for all of us our comments at times can be heartfelt -- and mine often are -- but sometimes they can be throwaways, just to be polite kind of thing, and I have also been guilty of that on rare occasions. Not with you, however. No really, honest, not with you.

Leesa said...

Deb: I don't remember the post, sweetie.

~gkw: I searched as well. I could not find me on the first page.

Ian: Sometimes my posts are like "Kilroy was here."

Deb said...

That's ok... but do you remember what was said at all? I don't recall intentionally being insensitive. I'd like to clarify any misunderstandings... I really feel bad now. :(

Leesa said...

Deb: It wasn't that you were insensitive. You were responding to what I wrote, and I was a tad insensitive (and a tad misunderstood). It dealt with me deciding to turn away from a female relationship mostly because of sociatal judgements.

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