Saturday, March 14, 2009

Making of Candyman Video

This seemed like a lot of work just to make a video. It is interesting, though. I tripped on the video after doing a bit of research for part of a post on Friday.


Xmichra said...

I was freaked to click on this i am *terrified* of scarry movies, and thought this was about the movie candyman... lol!

Had I been following all week I would have known... bad sick blogger excuses. haha..

Deb said...

She had to lip synch this about 3 or 4 times just to get the different scenes in there - which makes it so amazing! So many retakes to cut to different shots and the editing from piece to piece is awesome! This video was so great, because I love this time era as well as her current little flare into it! Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed watching this very much!

Leesa said...

Xmichra: funny. I never say the movie Candyman.

Deb: I actually think it is a bit too much to make a video. I too loved the era of songs, and I sort of like how she modernized the song a bit.

Sheen V said...

Thanks for pointing me to some nice eye candy!