Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Friday #30

Monsters vs. Aliens
When I first saw the previews for Monsters vs. Aliens, it looked really good. But then they showed previews, a bunch of others, with different clips. I imagine I have seen the whole movie, four minutes at a time. I don't like to see movies if I have already seen the best parts in the previews. Like everything else, you ought to hold a bit back. It applies in resumes/cover letters, in initial conversations, and in the bedroom.

Millionaire's Row
I saw an interesting article in the online Forbes that starts like this:
In today's tough economic climate, Warren Buffett is setting a good example. The world's second richest man lives in the same five-bedroom, gray stucco house he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

That's right. Legendary investor Buffett, 78, still calls his humble digs in Omaha, Neb.'s Happy Hollow suburb home, despite a $37 billion fortune. That famous folksiness is, of course, in keeping with his investment philosophy. "If you don't feel comfortable owning something for 10 years," he once told a reporter, "then don't own it for 10 minutes."

Second richest man in the world and you can own a bigger house than his house if you can get a loan. I looked at the richest zip codes in Georgia and found one near me. Median home price: more than I can afford.

No. 18 Sea Island, Ga.
31561, Glynn County

Median home price: $1.94 million

Once described by Vladimir Nabokov as a "millionaire's colony," Sea Island is an oasis of golf courses, beach clubs and stately homes off the coast of South Georgia, a few hours from Savannah. This north-end property, done in Spanish style, has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as a two-car garage and 3,668 square feet of interior space. It is listed through Hodnett Cooper for $2.7 million.

Getting Eaten
Wednesday, I had sort of a silly post about someone I knew in college with a vestigial tail. Someone asked why I did not ask her about her vestigial tail. Well, I also said in the post that I was a bit scared that she could be a lizard alien. Now think, if you think someone is a lizard alien but they are pretending to be a humanoid, if you go along with the deception you probably have a better chance of not being lunch. Well, that's my thought on the matter.

Everybody is upset with AIG, and some are upset with the government as well. Think about this: Barney Frank wants all of the names of the AIG execs that have received bonus checks (the bonuses that are part of the $165 million)? So if they have this, what are they going to do? Tell everyone? And if even one gets murdered because of this disclosure, do you think that the family will be the slightest bit litigious?

NCAA Basketball Brackets
We are all bitching about the $165 million that is being wasted by AIG, but we are also spending lots of work time filling out brackets for the NCAA March Madness gambling event. No one is talking about the wasted effort because the NCAA BB people give us the best betting opportunity of the year. Better than the Kentucky Derby. Better than the Superbowl. Just better.

My blog entries have been hit or miss lately. Sorry about that. I have had a few other things on my mind. And I can't figure out how to get some of the AIG money. Have a good Friday.


Advizor said...

My fear with movies previews is that I have already seen the best of the movie in the 2 minute clip. They take all the good jokes, the catchy 1-liners, and the sexiest shot of the movie (may not apply to M&A, but that tall chick is kind of cute) and make it seem like the whole 90 minutes is that good.

As for AIG, isn't it illegal, and directly against our Constitution to pass retroactive laws? The bonuses were not illegal, were contractually bound (maybe), and definitely didn't violate the conditions of the bailout because there were no conditions. Barney Frank and the idiots in their group gave the bigger idiots at AIG billions without thinking, "Hey, they may actually give this to their employees"...

I'm sick of the whole lot.

And Leesa, sporadic or not, your posts are always the first ones I read each day.

Deb said...

Ohhhhh! Do you remember that movie, "Shallow Hal", where Hal's best friend had the tail too? Is that what you were speaking of? I misunderstood you when you said that she looked like a lizard because you could see her spinal chord- so I thought "skinny". Sorry!

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Ahh I have to take my boys to see that movie!!! Monsters vs. Aliens

Sheen V said...

Yep, I too have to go see the movie, specifically the 3D version. I'm a geek that way. Did you see "The Watchmen"? Spectacular!

Leesa said...

Advizor: Years ago, I was not afraid that they would show the best scenes in the previews, but my oppinion has changed.

Deb: I never saw "Shallow Hal".

SSC: I may see it, too. It looks pretty funny, but I keep seeing different scenes in the previews.

sheen: 3D version? What is with all of these 3D versions?

Advizor said...

Shallow Hal is worth renting in a cheesy kind of way. Gweneth Paltrow looks great when she's not in a fat suit and Jack Black and Jason Alexander have a good guy vibe.

And as for 3D? Get used to it, it is the BIG craze this year, so buy you glasses and enjoy the show!