Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Friday #31

Semi-Inspirational Quote
The other day I saw an inspirational quote by William Jennings Bryan: "The greatest things ever done on Earth have been done little by little." And the quote was accompanied by a picture of several pyramids. So I thought to myself, "The greatest things ever done were done little by little, while enslaving those less powerful than ourselves."Afterwards, the quote seemed less inspirational.

Baby LeRoy
The other day I saw a movie that had an old movie in the background. I did not see the title of the movie, but one of the actors in the credits was Baby LeRoy. I don't think I have ever heard of him (I am not a silent movie buff), but I looked him up.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Baby LeRoy (12 May 1932 – 28 July 2001) was a child actor who appeared in films in the 1930s.

Born Ronald Le Roy Overacker in Los Angeles, California, Baby LeRoy's career began when he was less than a year old, co-starring with Maurice Chevalier in A Bedtime Story, and ended with a cameo role as himself in Cinema Circus (1937). He is best known for his appearances in a number of W. C. Fields films, including Tillie and Gus (1933) and It's a Gift (1934).

A starring role in the 1940 film The Biscuit Eater was to have been his comeback, but an accident during filming forced the director to choose between recasting or holding up production until he recovered. The director chose to recast, and the film became one of Billy Lee's best-remembered roles. In 1957, as an adult, he appeared as a guest challenger on the TV panel show To Tell The Truth.

The actor died in Van Nuys, California.

Every once in a while, you get the impression that it is nearly impossible to be a well-rounded individual, exposed to all kinds of art. This is one of those times.

Simple Analysis
I saw a YouTube clip of Bill Maher on Healthcare: Politics Simplified. Basically Bill Maher says the government should be involved in healthcare because they do a good job with the post office. How does the successfully delivery of a letter translate to rationing out healthcare? It makes no sense whatsoever, though it sounds good in sound-bite form.

I saw an interview with Farrah (on David Letterman). She seems as if she were on something. And then I found Farrah on The Partridge Family. Let's just say that you will recognize Farrah if you have ever seen her poster. The hair is different, but . . .

A Different Spin
I saw a post the other day, and I was a bit horrified by the post. Then I saw the two comments (one made by the poster, the other by a crazy person, and it really placed a different spin on the whole issue. I don't know why, but I thought it was so funny at the time.

YouTube Copyright Infringements
I missed the president's news conference, and I went to YouTube to get it. Some guy just posted it. This was not from ABC, though there was an ABC logo on the video. I know there is a fair use of copyrighted material, but this does not seem to be part of it. I mean, I got what I wanted and I that was fine. But YouTube gets money from advertisers and this seems like ABC would be a bit pissed. Maybe.

Browsing Blogs
The other day, I read a blog, and one of the comments was, "You are my kind of girl. You should read my blog." So I went over to see why this person was hawking her blog. She is a waitress in Hollywood. She says she has a fairly good chance of being either a writer or an actress. She has black fingernails and rainbow-dyed hair, but she claims that she doesn't prance around, doing things to get noticed. If her writing was better, her blog might be entertaining. And you know, I really don't want to read a blog just to make fun of it. It just does not sound like much fun anymore.

Monsters vs. Aliens
I was looking at a computer this weekend (I won't buy, I had thought I was going to find a deal), and there was a bunch of Monsters vs. Aliens advertisements. One of the main characters is akin to the 50 Foot Woman. I have thought about giants, and most of the more human-looking giants are women. My first thought was, "I would not want an ass that large." But then I wondered if men were a bit scared of a giant man's penis. You know, for comparison purposes.

Man 1: "You think yours is impressive, you should see the 50 foot man's penis. His wood is bigger than your tree out front."

I almost said that the 50 foot man's penis could not go down a manhole. You know, the manhole covers in the street – I mistakingly was going to call it a manhole (is it a sewer hole?). And then I thought of what manhole suggests. And now I am giggling.

I think I should go now.

Oh, and I was going to say that men are perfectly fine with a woman with huge breasts.

Man 1: "Silver dollars. Shoot, the 50 foot woman's breasts are more like the size of dinner plates."

Man 2: "I'd like to eat off of them."\

Okay, I am going now. I wanted to talk about the economy, but ended up talking about huge penises and eating off nipples. Oh, boy, this has been a week.


Anonymous said...

B.O.B. looks like the head of a penis!

Julie said...

Happy Saturday! I'm here trying to get caught up on my blog reading....

Malach the Merciless said...

Mine is only 3" long but as wide as a progresso soup can.

Leesa said...

annon: I never thought about that.

julie: good for you.

malach: Let me guess, cream of mushroom?

Advizor said...

I saw the Farah Fawcett interview the night it aired and it made me feel guilty for getting off on her Playboy spread. She was obviously impaired for a while in her life, and, in seeing subsequent interviews, I believe that she did the Playboy layout under some pressure by those around her.

I'm all for beautiful women doing what ever they want, but I need to know that they made fully informed decisions.

Sheen V said...

Did you see The Watchmen? Dr. Manhatten does have a very large member in one scene. I did see Monsters vs. Aliens last weekend. Wow, the girl was perfectly proportioned!! All legs and hips to dream about!