Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Friday #29

Listening to the Radio
I heard a song on the radio recently, and I loved it. But I don't listen to popular music much, and it took me forever to figure out the artist/title of the song. It sucks growing older. I used to know all the popular songs. Not now.

Funny Headline
I saw a picture and loved it. It was a headline from the News & Observer. I don't know exactly why it was so funny. Guess it is just my morose sense of humor.

Country Song
I heard "Put a Girl in It" the other day; I think someone had an internet station on, and I could hear it.

Too Ambitious
There is a YouTube channel called TheRealNews. Anyway, they did a sixteen minute video entitled, "Why we are in Afghanistan." I am all for hard-hitting news, but this seemed a tad bit ambitious to me.

Blown Talent
Christina Aguilera is one of those singers who has talent. She had a hit video (Genie in a Bottle), and it appeared as if she was going to be a major star. I mean, she was part of that Disney brat pack (Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears; and Academy Award nominated actor Ryan Gosling). She has strong pipes and could dance well. She was cute. And yeah, she is well-known, but she is not a sensation like she could have been. She started slutting it up, calling herself Xtina. And then she went glamorous for a while (e.g., "Hurt", Candyman, other songs). Doing 40s hits. Sure, she sells out venues, but she is nothing like what she could have been. I mean, I guess she had a strong act one, week act two, but the curtain has not closed. She has a strong voice . . . perhaps the decision-making has not been the greatest. She reminds me of a less-talented Madonna.

Talking Back on YouTube
I made a comment on The Resident concerning healthcare, and I got the following response from Luke: "where have you seen examples where socialized medicine doesn't work. take a look at canada and england. both have socialized medicine and both are far better of then the states. know what your talking about before you comment."

I fired back, "The US has made more advances in medicine, and the time to treat for those with insurance (including govt insurance) is much better than in Canada or England. Of the people who are uninsured in the US, about half have turned down insurance subsidized by their employer (because they are young and stupid). Many economists believe that both methods of delivering healthcare are inefficient and need to change. Just because I think differently than you doesn't mean I don't know what is going on."

Luke's response: "Im sorry but you have no idea what your talking baout."

I was going to shoot back something, but you know, his argument is "You don't know what you are talking about." Not heavy on the analysis. So I gave up. I might be talking out of my ass, but you know.

Grantichrist the Superhero
Have you been watching Grant's recent posts. The last four posts have been about super-powers. The posts are long and well-thought-out. And they are cute because I can tell Grant has put a lot of thought into which super-powers are better, this one or that one. As if someone would knock on his door and say, "Grant, we are with this international justice league, and we would like you to join our team. We want to expose you to Gamma radiation so that you can have super strength." Anyway, he is always interesting, but this seems so cute. And this from a guy who could probably kill someone with a Bic pen and some dental floss. Or just the pen.

Dutch Treat
I read that a baseball team from the Neatherlands beat not one but two baseball powerhouses in the World Baseball thingie. I don't know much about international baseball, but I am pretty sure more Dutch don't even follow the sport. The best quote from Jair Jurrjens, who said earlier this spring, "I don’t want to go there for one game and come back." He would have been the best player on the team but passed on the experience. Two or three other professional baseball players have done the same. Weird.

On that note, Happy Friday!


Grant said...

You could at least tell Luke that it's supposed to be "...what you're talking about" instead of "...what your talking about." Try some witty repartee such as "Your a morron, you looser."

Leesa said...

Grant: you did not catch that there was a type on "about" as well. Luke is a looser. Or he would prefer to be called a looesr.

Anonymous said...

LOL...still dead. You don't say?

Ian Lidster said...

I couldn't agree more about not being current enough with contemporary music. There was a time I could recite chapter and verse on this category, but no more. Maybe it's because so much music isn't worthy of notice?

As for Candian medical care. It has huge problems in both cost and delivery and it is not quite as 'free' as many Americans have been led to believe. And our pharmaceuticals cost damn near as much as yours. Yes, you are not going to lose your home if major illness befalls you, but sometimes accesss to quality care is sorely lacking so Canadians bite the bullet, pony up the money, and head to the US for needed therapy that, due to high demand, is not available to them at home.

richmanwisco said...

Agree totally re: Christina. Funny how the modern pop star needs a gimmick, even when they have true talent.

Netherlands a remarkable story. They didn't beat two powerhouses, just the same one (Dominican Republic) twice. What does makes it extra remarkable is the second time they held DR scoreless.

btsea said...

I don't listen to too much new popular music--maybe its too much dirt and not enough diamonds. A friend told me in commenting about the 90's music that "the best thing about the 90's is that they are over!" Actually he sang some 90's songs well, but just didn't think there were many good songs. lol I used to go to a karaoke place every once in a while, so I hear newer stuff there, but I didn't know the song you posted, Leesa. Here is a somewhat newer song I kind of like:

I think several of Madonnas songs would have been great whether or not she went through 100 personality changes, like Borderline, La Isla Bonita, Take a Bow...

Leesa said...

brown eyed girl: I know. Funny.

Ian: You know, the older generation said the same thing about my music - that it was not worthy of listening to. Same thing about Rock-and-Roll. And Blues. I think we listen to what we heard when we were growing up.

richman: Thanks for the Netherlands clarification. Inspiring.

btsea: I really liked Madonna. Borderline was her first hit, I think.