Thursday, September 06, 2007

Show Me the Money

Every once in a while, I purchase a copy of Worth Magazine. Okay, I read it in the tub and then recycle the magazine. Last month's Worth, or perhaps this month's, had an article on pet care. It talked about the average amount of money a certain segment of the population spends on pet care.

Now, I cannot remember the particulars of the article, but they were giving examples of what people spend on their pets. Pets with real gems in their collars, purchasing seats for them when taking them on vacations, all sorts of expenses. And at the end of the article, they mentioned inheritances. The people in the article, and the stats that were listed, were generated from Worth subscribers.

Okay, the magazine only costs a few dollars to purchase, and I will admit I read it, on occasion to see how the other half lives. Okay, I see how the top 3% lives. To give you an example of some of the other articles in the paper, there was an article on how to purchase a helicopter. It talked about what the purchase price range would be, what it costs to maintain the transportation, and how long you are likely to own the same helicopter. Oh, and if you have to ask how much a helicopter costs, I would guess you are not a candidate for this type of transportation. Besides the initial cost (200K+ for one of the more affordable models), you have to spend $20K every 100 or so flight hours to completely overhaul the engine. And since these things have many more moving parts than airplanes, after about two years, you ought to purchase a new one – because maintenance gets much more expensive.

And there are articles about setting up trusts, golf ball collecting, antique safes and where to purchase them. You know, the normal-type articles. Er, yeah.

I remember shopping in a very expensive neighborhood – I did not know anyone in the neighborhood, but we were passing through and needed a few things. Everybody seemed nice. They seemed happy. I have always heard that money can't buy happiness, and I sort of believe it. Remember Elvis? To Elvis, happiness was a peanut butter and banana sandwich – hey, I can afford those. Okay, maybe I can't afford the carbohydrates, but you get my drift. Still, rich people seem somewhat happy. Well, when they are not in detox, or when they are not being indicted for stock fraud. Or when they are not being arrested for propositioning an undercover cop in a bathroom stall.

Coming full circle, I don't care how rich people spend their money on their pets. It is a little bit sad that they will leave their pets more in their wills than anyone will ever leave me (darned, that Bill Gates, all holier than though about not wanting to get me pregnant). But I mean, 12 Million to the family dog – if you have a billion dollars, may not be a big deal. Personally, if I were rich, I would leave a sizable chunk of change to my favorite blogger. You know, fund the arts. A blogger who writes both pithy essays and erotic stories, someone who lives on the East Coast. Someone with real world experience. Just saying – and I would even wear a ruby studded cat collar. Just saying.


RWA said...

If I didn't know better, I would say that you actually suggested folks make you the beneficiary for their inheritance.

I could be wrong though.

I might be convinced if you take a picture in a ruby-studded cat collar.

Just kidding.

Really. Totally kidding.

Prata said...

He might be kidding..but I'm soooo not kidding. *blinks*

LarryLilly said...

The studded collar, I am not kidding either. LOL

as far as Leona Helmsley leaving her dog millions, think about pets,most love their owners unconditionally. They are loyal to faults even.

That scrawny dog gave her love she didnt deserve, but she got anyway. I think he earned it.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Someone with money once told me;

"Money doesn't buy happiness, it just buys more opportunities to be happy."

But honestly, they are just as miserable as the rest of us... they just look better doing it.

Leesa said...

rwa: I actually wrote this when I was feeling goofy. I did not read it before posting it (well, I guess I could say that about most/all of my posts).

prata: I already thought you were leaving me everything, hun.

larry: I heard the last part of something on the radio news yesterday, but I did not know it was Leona Helmsley they were talking about. Thanks for mentioning the name.

boxer: not only do they look better doing it, but they don't have to remember when pay day is.

Prata said...

Damn the man....found out again. I must find new ways to circumvent my lack of leverage with you. *murmurs*

Leesa said...

prata: I wish I had more time. I have been meaning to write you.