Tuesday, September 18, 2007


You know, whenever I start a blog entry, my heart begins to race. For more often than not, I have no idea what I am to write about. And after typing the first sentence, I sometimes am surprised as to what sentence follows. For when you read my blog entries, you may know where I am to go, but I will let you know that the destination is normally a mystery to me.

In a similar vane, I love starting over. I have noticed that Lisa, one of the most prolific blogger I know, has started again and again and again. Okay, the forth time is a bit secret, but, there is another again for this blogger. But for me, I don't really want to start a new blog. It is just too much work for me.

I have tweaked my blog several times, and after a few times, I am satisfied with the way my blog looks now. And you know, it really matters little what the blog looks like. Just as long as I can click on the "New Post" and start a new beginning.

I guess instead of starting a new blog, I have the pleasure of beginning something every work day. I did not see that coming, but I suppose many of you did. I normally try and type one page, but I wanted to make but a short journey today. Sometimes short walks are as pleasurable as long, rambling strolls.


colleen said...

I commented here last night. Did you not get it?

Oh, I have a writer's game to play. Come see if you want to join in.

Leesa said...

I did not get the message last night. Thanks for re-posting the message.

Prata said...

I...have always enjoyed starting over. Sometimes I write entire comments to you and then delete them and start over. That's more of a tidbit of info than my desire to start over; however, I had a lot of fun when I moved from blogger to hosting it myself simply because it felt like I was starting over again.

That new commenter you have here is kind of cute *blinks* See, I should probably start this paragraphs over but I won't. Because I'm dumb that way. Word. ^_^

Just A Girl said...

Some of my most profound work has been started, scraped, started again, rinse and repeat.

Thanks for stopping by again, I don't get by here often enough.

Advizor said...

There is nothing more intimidating than a blank piece of paper, but filling it up is so much fun.

I have 4 drafts of a story going right now, and several versions of a screen play, and 2 letters to my wife that keep getting rewritten.

I think that everything should get a first draft and then a major re-write. Too bad life's not like that.

Prata said...

Oh...to imagine my life if it worked that way Advizor...imagine all our lives if it worked that way. But then the question is, what would have not been discovered and advanced in or lives/societies if life _did_ work that way. hmm!

Anonymous Boxer said...

This is my second blog, the first entirely deleted, which I regret. It's interesting to know how you write. I begin/delete/begin/delete/delete/post/delete. That's why I'm only able to post 2-3 times a week. :-)

PS: I miss Lisa, I've been reading her for years.

Pearl said...

Yep, sounds familiar. I rarely know what will come out of my mouth or off my fingers. like you say, got to start somewhere.

Leesa said...

prata: yeah, she is cute. I thought of both you and Grant when she started commenting.

just a girl: yeah, we are all busy. I know the feeling.

advizor: I love blank paper. So many possibilities.

prata: I agree with you. I don't mind not being able to do things over. Most things.

boxer: lisa is still around.

pearl: starting at the beginning is usually a good approach to take.

Black Jack Bauer said...


I have an interesting story to share with you regarding my "Tubeharmony" vid. Don't want to do it here - perhaps in your YT mail? Do you check that?

Let me know.