Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Friday #9

I have started and stopped Random Friday a couple of times, not really being focussed on the effort. Colleen, on the other hand, has just celebrated her 100th Thursday Thirteen. Now that is quite impressive. I have counted my random Friday posts, and I was surprised this was only number nine.

If I were some drug-selling pusher, I would have my "office" behind a Walgreens. That way, when some dope head figures they will go to the drug store to score some more weed, I can get their business. Why hasn't anyone else figured this one out, yet? Oh, and kids, don't do drugs.

Lie Machines
You know, if we could tell when people are lying, less people would try to lie. And the world would be a better place – though the politicians would be more interesting to hear.

"Vote for me. I will try not to raise taxes, but in the end, bribes from special interest groups will force me to change my mind. Then, when they take me to task in the media, I will retreat with my mistress to Camp David."

Animal Print Undies
What is the deal with animal print undies? I mean, I know, a long time ago, we wore animal skins. Well, not me, but our ancestors. Still, why the fascination with animal skins. It just reminds me of the 70s, before killing endangered species for economics or sport was frowned upon.

Crackling Records
Earlier this week, I linked to a YouTube video for American Pie. And at the beginning of the recording, you could hear the crackling of the record. You know, in the twenty years or so since CDs were mass marketed, I have sort of forgotten about the sounds of a record. I listened to American Pie several times, and it made me feel good. The music sounded better – not clearer or anything. It sounded like music I grew up with.

Old Fashioned Turntable – called a Record Player.Jumping on Beds
Growing up, I had a record player (not a turntable) in my room. And we listened to 45s every day. But we did not just listen to records, we experienced them. We would take our shoes off, put on a stack of 45s, and just jump to the music on the bed. I do not recommend doing this as an adult (a trip to the ER would dampen my spirits).

Google Definitions
The other day I saw a comment in mememolly's YouTube account that said, "I am a 'Molly' too." So what did I do? I used Google and typed in "define:Molly" to see what the definition of that type of Molly was. Well, the first definition came back with was "fourth grade student, in Ms. Malvin's class at Worley Elementary, who asked a question for the crew of the S.S. Enterprise about where waste goes." Well, I clicked on the link to the page to see exactly what this was - the definition looked a little too specific. Well, the definition was for "McCook, Molly", and it was part of a Star Trek Enterprise online dictionary. Well, I guess I have two take-away points from this experience: (1) The woman who said she was a molly too must be a female mule, and (2) there is a lot of strange stuff on the Internet.

Pat Benatar
Every time I hear "Love is a Battlefield", I wonder about Pat Benatar and her love life. And as I type this, I can hear Prata's voice in my head. He would be wondering why I am thinking about Pat Benatar, when Holly Knight wrote the song. Fair enough, but I still wonder about the song.

I like numbers. If two bad things happen in the news, I always am looking for a third. Something to do with the old wives' tale, "Bad news comes in threes." I stay the heck away from seven dwarfs. Sevens, forties, sixes1, forty-twos2, many prime numbers. Lots of numbers are special. But you know what, numerology is a bunch of bunk.

I have successfully ducked every high school reunion I have had thus far. It is not that I don't want to see these people. I guess I just don't want them to know what I have been up to. I have seen some of my classmates in the news. Not being led off in handcuffs, but actually doing great things. Well, things that bring attention to themselves.

Learning Flemish
Has anyone you know, love or respected said they wanted to learn Flemish? No, me neither. Sounds like the native speakers should live in a country called Flem, which Americans would spell Phelm, and would not know that it was located in northern and western Belgium.

Katherine Heigl's Emmy
Katherine Heigl's mother told her she "didn’t have a chance in hell" of winning the Emmy. But Katherine Heigl also said that her mother is very supportive. Not sure those words are necessarily supportive. Can you imagine going to your little girl's softball game and telling her, "Sweetie, I can't believe you actually hit the ball"? After saying, for good measure, "you didn't have a chance in hell of hitting the ball."

Maybe not. I feel so random today.

1A perfect number. The proper divisors (1, 2, and 3) both add and multiply to get 6.

2A primary pseudoperfect number.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Boy did YOU bring back some memories! Do you still have any of those funky looking blue or yellow circle thingies that you used to have to stick into the middle of those 45 records (when the holes were too big??? I actually think I may still have some buried deep in the chest where I have my records.

I may just have to get them out and listen to them this weekend now! :)

Yippeeskip said...

I love the crackle and pop sound on records. I also love Pat Benetar. Thanks for the memories.

Prata said...

After all the time and technology put into stopping the hissing and popping you hear in records...I still like the sound of it. In fact, I particularly like songs that intentionally put the hissing and popping in rather than filter it out. I feel that as a technophile, I am a bad person lol

RWA said...

I still have a couple of boxes of ALBUMS and at least one box of 45's from way back. I have thought about taking some of the better albums (or album covers, rather) and framing them.

I like the idea of the lie machines. Either that - or something that gives the politician a serious shock if he/she lies in public or on television.

Ian Lidster said...

I used to have intense sexual fantasies about Pat Benatar. I still could if I put my mind to it. Oh, and I liked her song styling, too.

Leesa said...

stacey: when you first mentioned bringing back memories, I assumed you meant familiarity with perfect numbers.

yipee: perhaps the crack of records is akin to our youth.

prata: I have a few "albums" both on vinyl and CD format, and at least one of them sounds better in the vinyl format.

rwa: I have a bunch of albums as well. And every time I move them, hubbie brings up the idea of converting them and getting rid of the vinyl. I love him dispite this character flaw.

ian: I don't even know what Pat Benatar looks like. Not really. I liked David Bowie when I was in school.

Edge said...

Cool thoughts.


Anonymous Boxer said...

Random, and yet... oddly cohesive.

Did you see K.Heigl's Mother when that statement was made? On television? In front of zillions of people? She looked like a truck hit her.

Leesa said...

edge: thanks, sweetie.

boxer: oddly cohesive. I did not see Heigl's mother; I don't watch a lot of television. I read about it in the salon.

Leesa said...

I thought the same thing when I heard Katherine say that. Odd support.

Leesa said...

leesa: perhaps it is Actress Support.