Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Friday

Two posts today, because of a meme. Scroll down if you want to see the meme.

WoW Costume Contest Back when my blogs were good, I would have Randomness Friday - I would call it something different each time, partly because I did not remember what I started calling it, partly because the randomness was cute. Or so I thought.

Some thought I did this to showcase my cleverness - actually it was because I have trouble finishing thoughts.

Certain Movie Titles
When I was in college, I was invited to a party. Okay, I was invited to lots of parties (everyone was), but this one was an "Octopussy" Party. It was supposed to be some sort of a take on the James Bond movie, but instead of inviting Russian secret agents, each frat boy was required to invite 8 women to the party. Well, my idea of a party is not a poor ratio of men to women – plus, I always got embarrassed with the name of the movie.

Another movie that I never saw was "Josie and the Pussycats." Another title that was a bit embarrassing and a movie with a bad male to female star ratio.

Turning Hate to Love
I saw a blog the other day, and it really opened my eyes. Well, maybe it did not open my eyes, but I loved reading the entry. It was about someone who grew up Christian who turned to Islam. From hating people of a religion to turning to that religion. Now, I may find fault with the person's logic, but to turn hate to love is wonderful.

Bitter Mr. Stewart
I saw a Rod Stewart quote the other day, and well, I can tell you that he is no Heraclitus. 2. Please remember Rod Stewart has had women (and probably a fair amount of men) throw themselves at him since he was old enough to notice. Heraclitus probably was not as lucky, so he had more time to use his head.

<--Insert Sexual Innuendo Here-->

Anyway, here is the quote:

Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and just give her a house.
- Rod Stewart

I don't really get World of Warcraft (WoW). I mean, not playing video games probably has something to do with it, but still. Part of me is fascinated though. To have some sub-culture I know nothing about . . . . Well, seems that WoW has parties. Well, BlizCom had a party, and there was a WoW costume contest. My favorite picture is embedded in the blog entry. It is just seeing two people dressed in appropriate attire, with some guy (notice the shorts), some geeky guy, standing between them. Classic. Most of my readers would rather see the two hot chicks, probably. I am guessing these contestants are not WoW people. Not really. Their thumbs don't look like they play video games.

1 Since I never saw the plot summary, I have included it for the general reading audience. Just-in-case they want rent the movie.

2Heraclitus said "You cannot step into the same river twice." (not Pocahontas) and "Change alone is unchanging."


Prata said...

World of Warcraft is a PC game. You don't use your thumbs to play. ^_^ People that dress in the costumes for contests are of two groups, WoW players or WoW Card Players. The gamers though usually go over the top.

The same is true for any anime/manga-con. Have you ever looked at the japanese girls (and guys) that dress up from their favorite anime or manga? Oh my, and there is just something so hot about the Read or Die girl...or Saikano's Chise...or even Kusunagi from GitS...*drools* Uh...I forgot what I was gonna say.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I was also embarrassed by Octopussy and I wasn't a good Catholic Girl, either. Just nerdy.


colleen said...

You crack me up!

I do the weekly 13 Thursday for the same reason. I need somewhere to put all my disjointed thoughts, loose ends that won't make a whole post on their own.

Is Octopussy the real name of the movie? I guess I missed that.

Advizor said...

My mom, a huge James Bond fan, wouldn't let us see Octopussy, though my brothers and I snuck out to see it anyway.

And as for the Rod Stewart quote, it's not original, but it's a good one.

RWA said...

That is definitely "randomness."

Sorry to hear that the name "Octopussy" was difficult for you.

Black Jack Bauer said...

Great post. Octopussy is great word. Rolls off the tongue.

WoW isn't the only addictive sub-culture. Everquest was first - actually I can think of a couple that even preceded that. Believe it or not the two women could just as easily be WoW regulars. MMORPG is no longer just for your random 35-year- old living in his moms basement. I'd invite you to come and play on the server I am on - but I play so casually that I can't remember its name.

Leesa said...

prata: I was never a gamer, so my WoW stuff is completely what I have read or seen on YouTube.

boxer: we could be twins.

colleen: I did not know that others realized I placed disjointed thoughts there. You are onto me.

advisor: Ian Fleming (the guy who wrote the James Bond books) became famous because a reporter asked John F Kennedy what he was reading. He said he was reading Fleming. I think he was having sex with M Monroe.

rwa: I like randomness.

omar: I am not much of a gamer. But thanks for the offer.

Anonymous said...

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