Friday, September 07, 2007

Internet People

There was a video featured on YouTube recently called Internet People.

It is a cartoon compilation of stuff found on the Internet. I feel a little low-tech with this description, but there you go. I wonder, since many of the sites are archived, if people, with nothing better to do, will eventually ponder back to the year 2006 (yeah, 2006, since there are no entries of Leesa's Stories for 2007) and see what people were viewing on the Web.

I can hear people tell their grandchildren, "Yeah, in my day, we connected to the Internet over the telephone line using something called a modem, which modulated some sort of signal to ensure that you did not get buckets of porn delivered to your house all at once."

And the grandchildren will probably ask, "What's a telephone line?"

When I was growing up, American's had a shared consciousness, and it was, sadly, network television. There were three networks, and on Monday morning at school (or sometimes another night, depending if Happy Days was on), we would talk about television. Since I rarely watch television now, I can't participate in these conversations, but I think, especially if you leave out some of the reality shows, there is less of a shared consciousness since there are so many more choices to see (or in my case, not see).

Okay, back to the Internet. Actually, I was hoping that Scriggity was going to be part of the compilation I mentioned in the first paragraph. Shauna was always so hip. Sort of like a female Fonzie with a lip piercing.

Point is, even with billions of Internet pages, still things bubble up that most of us have seen. Part of this is fascinating, and part of this is a bit on the sad site. I would much rather be hanging onto a leather-clad hunk in a dinner than at work viewing web pages on the Internet. But I guess I don't get paid for appearing in a dinner. Not that part of my job description outlines my Internet usage at work.

Have a good day, my Internet People!


LarryLilly said...

Technology has a way of showing people their TQ, technology quotent. I am somewhere above Luddite, while my sons ARE the problem.

I communicate with them by phone, then they reply with a e-mail. I still have letters my dad wrote me, and I know he kept the ones I sent him. What do I do, print out e-mails?

Remember when your parents got their first microwave WOW, the entire family stood around the thing watching water boil LOL.

Leesa, I bet you had similar shared moments, your first whatever, your first computer, well, maybe you had one in college, lets see, your first car, maybe even your first dildo, well, maybe you didnt share that. LOL

Have you taken those pics with you wearing that diamond (fake will do) cat collar? The terms of said trust fund is waiting in hand LOL.

Have a great weekend

~Deb said...

It's the new "T.V." ... The best is the panda bear sneeze- I couldn't believe they had that one in this video!

Can you believe how far we've come? And to a lesser quality of entertainment nonetheless.


Enjoy your weekend!!!

RWA said...

Times certainly have changed. I remember when I was little that I looked forward to going to my grandparents because they had cable TV - and we didn't.

CD's didn't exist. DVD's didn't exist. VCR's didn't even exist.

Times certainly have changed.

RWA said...
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Leesa said...

larry: I forgot about the microwave, boiling water.

~deb: less entertainment, more technology.

rwa: I have never had cable TV.

Jen said...

I agree. Things have definitely changed. Eversince I got hooked on youtube, I actually don't remember sitting in front of the TV anymore. Before, I used to be a real couch potato and remote control commando. Now, I'm just a potato addicted to youtube. Wow. I can't believe I just admitted that :)