Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stubbing a Toe

I was at a convenience store the other day, and one guy was limping around. He had a very noticeable limp. To make polite conversation, I asked the guy if he hurt his leg. Turns out, he hurt his toe.

And I got to thinking – hurting a toe (not breaking it, even) can severely impact the way you walk, the way you move.

That got me thinking that little things can really have a huge impact on one's life.


Anonymous said...

I heard if you lose your big toe you totally have to learn to walk again.

Any comments to come on the Pope's comments from yesterday?


Prata said...

That's true! Your big toe is the most important tow on your foot, oddly enough. Similar to your pinky having the best grip of all your fingers. Odd that..well not really but still. Your thumb actuallyhas the worst grip. Tendon alignment and all.

RWA said...

A friend of mine had to have his big toe removed as a result of a freak injury and a failed surgery.

It took him a couple of months to "learn" to walk again.

~Deb said...

I heard somewhere that the Japanese women (or some of them) have their feet bound- and they wear shoes that literally crush the toes, and/or have their toes removed.

Prata, can you help me with this answer since I know you are knowledgeable on the Asian culture? ;)

GW Mush said...

I have a foot fetish.

Leesa, Can I see a pic of your feet?

Prata said...

The chinese practiced foot binding. ^_^

The foot was bound and the binding tightened over the time. The foot was then broken at the arch and the front of the foot pushed back and then rebound. What happened as a result is the foot became smaller, but much much more difficult to walk any distance at all. It started at a very young age and infection and arthritis were of course common with this practice.

The japanese actually outlawed foot binding when they invaded and took over Taiwan.

Kinky side note, what ended up happening with the area of the foot between the ball and heel was an accumulation of skin. This was sometimes used as a tool for masturbation. I'll let you just think on that a moment. Yeah, seriously lol

T said...

Turf Toe did my college football career in..... alright, lack of talent did. But I actually had to stop playing because of my big toe!! We do take some things for granted.

Prata.. The kinky side note. Taking a moment to think about that was one moment too many :)

Christie said...

The RFS Blog Awards are back- go nominate!

Leesa said...

edge: I did not realize the Pope said anything yesterday. Was he in the convenience store?

prata: but with the thumb, it is an apposable digit, and the reason apes are found in cages and we are not. Well, overstating a bit.

rwa: wow - I knew it was important, but two months of learning to walk. Wow.

~deb: I did not know they actually removed the toes.

gw mush: You really have a foot fetish? Really?

prata: TMI

t: I heard that turf toe hurts like heck.

christie: thanks for the note.

~Deb said...

I knew Prata would come through with the info requested! Thank you!

Now how in the world would that be used for masturbation? I mean, ......hmmm........ like foreskin? I don't get it. I'm so naive!!!