Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dog-Fighting Savior

Michael Vick was indited yesterday for a number of things associated with dog fighting. You know that Savannah is sometimes known as "East Atlanta" or it feels that way sometimes. I mean, other than the Sand Gnats (minor league team for the NY Mets), we really don't have professional sports. And, I know, some of you will not even consider our Sand Gnats a professional team. More like an oddity where you can purchase tickets for the price of a movie ticket, drink whiskey from a flask, and make fun of the apposing pitcher. Not that I have ever done such a thing.

Michael Vick is important in Georgia, and well, he was indited for dog fighting. I don't know much about dog fighting (I knew someone who was into cock fighting once, long story, but nonetheless cruel), but it has crashed down on Atlanta pretty hard. Heck, its not like he got stopped in an airport with a water bottle with secrets. We are talking Federal inditement. Big stuff, horrible stuff.

I was talking to my brother, and he had this to say: "It sure is sad when you cannot listen to sports on the radio because the kids can't hear what is being said." I think he means when they describe wetting down dogs and then electrocuting them. You know, the dogs that loose.

If someone was paying me millions of dollars to play a child's game, I am not sure I would immediately think, "Hmmmmmmm. I need to buy some fighting dogs, and sponsor some dog fighting."

Even Packman Jones, a guy on another team who has gotten into trouble a lot in strip clubs – I just don't get it. If I were a millionaire football player, why go into strip clubs and shower strippers with $80K in bills. He was already in Vegas for one of these adventures – isn't prostitution legal there? Not moral or anything, but I am thinking those who frequent strip clubs are not really concerned with morality.

I am a little disappointed with Michael Vick. Last year or the year before, Vick's brother got into trouble and was thrown out of school. What I heard was, "Couldn't Vick take his brother under his wing and be an influence on his life?" Reading the paper this morning, I am wondering if that's sort of what happened.

Tomorrow a lighter subject. I promise.


JD said...

one of your more rambling posts. ;) i'll be looking for tomorrow's post.

Leesa said...

jd: sorry, tomorrow won't ramble.

T said...

I think that your name is on this blog, so ramble all you want.

kathi said...

My boys were telling me about Vick...they were furious, and rightly so. Can't think of any sentence he could get that would be harsh enough.

I've read your post twice, still can't find the rambling.

Leesa said...

t: I can't help but ramble.

kathi: yeah, I did not think I rambled either. You know animal cruelty leads to other cruelty.

RWA said...

Let's just remember than an indictment is not a conviction.

However, that being said, if he is convicted, he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

richmanwisco said...

RWA, the conviction rate on these federal cases is something on the order of 98%. The feds don't f around.

Two things struck me about this case. First is how everyone is shocked this is happening now, but this is a case that's been ongoing for several months now. The facade that was Mike Vick began to crumble when his brother's antics came to the fore. Folks, apples don't fall too far apart. Mike was quite adept and followed his advisor's advice (mostly) so that he could build his rep and cred. The slip up at the airport was nicely glossed over, but it was a huge red flag. Lil' bro had no such help; there was no such facade, and it provided an insight into the true Mike Vick.

Second, it's a cultural thing. Mike was loyal to his peeps. He supported their pursuits, knowing that they would have his back. It was so neat and tidy. But his peeps violated the "no snitch" rule and broke on him. More likely, the feds cracked open the inconsistencies in all their stories. There was no where else they could go.

What really should grind the average viewer was just how arrogant and stupid Mike was when he thought it would be good to take his business across state lines. If he hadn't, there might not even be a case against him.

It's not a sad story. He'll get what's coming.

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