Friday, July 20, 2007

Jeans Ad

Do these jeans make me look fat?When I was a little younger, there was a jeans ad that said something like, "Just a little more room where it counts." Okay, the ad may have been a little bit different – I try and filter out ads.

But anyway, the ad basically said there was a bit more fabric in the butt to accommodate real woman's shapes. That does not work on me.

Woman's Jeans Ads
Here is what I want out of a jeans ad. I want some bony-ass supermodel, looking good in jeans, and me thinking I could squeeze into said sexy jeans. Then, when I was in the department store, I would, on a lark, try on skinny-ass sexy jeans and they would fit. You see, the supermodel slash crack-whole wore jeans specially made for the photo-shoot and commercials, but the real jeans had that little extra bit of fabric that would make the jeans fit good on a more typical figure.

Jeans company gets to use sex to sell the jeans, women get to pretend they are supermodels when squeezing into jeans, and men get to compliment women after the women squeeze into said jeans.

Men's Jeans Ads
Men's jeans ads seemed to be different. They focus on men riding horses, being rugged, being real men. Occasionally the ads are sexual in nature, but more often, the jeans play to men's desire to be tough, rugged, he-men. And the sexual ads seem to have hairless, shirt-less men being sexy. Eye candy for sure, but not deeply sexual.

Here is what I would suggest for a real jeans ad.

Jeans Man: "I used to hate wearing jeans. You know, they would be so tight on my rather large package. Now I have found these new jeans with a little extra fabric right where it counts.

Cut to a new scene.

Cute Girl #1: "Hey, Marcy. I hear you are going out with James. What is the story with him? I notice he is wearing Big Bulge Jeans."

Cute Girl #2: "No complaints in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. I went out with him because he had to wear Big Bulge Jeans. If you know what I mean."

Both girls giggle.

Women want to make sure their asses seem smaller, and men want women to know certain aspects of their anatomy actually are larger. Me, I am going to shop for jeans today.


RWA said...

So, you basically want to promote false advertising, is that it?

Interesting picture by the way.

kathi said...

Lol, never thought of it that way...funny.

Prata said...

I'm all for false's not like we don't see it enough as it is. Look at the Dell commercials. None of the people that get PCs are that happy. I've not seen one user pull out and set up their machine and be happy about it. People that buy machines aren't as bright as the commercials say....otherwise I wouldn't make money setting up the damned things.

LarryLilly said...

Mens jeans are comfy when they are at least a year old. Then when you buy a new pair, same exact make and size, the new ones seem tight. Yep, its shrinkage, but not like what you think. I mean, the package didnt get smaller, and the old jeans didnt get stretched a bit, so it must mean that the new jeans have had shrinkage LOL

How else could they fit that way.

Big Bulge Jeans, LOL, next thing you will tell me is that the little pocket above the right hand front pocket isnt for change, but for a "package cover" LOL

mal said...

*L* I confess, I am in the "big ass" jeans.

The "Big Bulge" jeans would be neat...if there was a market that actually needed them! *L*L*

GREAT post

RWA said...

Well, for what it's worth, I LOVE my Dell. I love my one at work, and mine at home. I've never had a problem with either of them that wasn't quickly and efficiently resolved with their customer service.

Maybe I've just been lucky.

QUASAR9 said...

lol leesa, you are at your best
Great idea for the women's heans marketing. That could be a hit.
Seriously you wanna find a jean company and propose it to them. It will make you 'rich' and women will love you for it.

Funny how everyone tries to avoid being superficial, yet there is no getting away from what we look like

QUASAR9 said...

There are certain things we cannot change, like our height or bone structure (though god knows some people will even try that). But if one is a little fleshy round the waist or round the bum, you can bet your life you are piling on the pounds because you eat. No one gets FAT by not eating (fat).
So the only way to take off the pounds is to reduce the boredom eating and comfort eating, start by reducing butter & milk intake, reduce those 'certain' calories. PS - you don't need to reduce chocolate, (or coffe or tea) just drink it with no milk

Now all you need to do is discover what food will accumulate weight around a man's most precious parts

AND YOU'LL BE RICHER than Bill Gates

Ian Lidster said...

The VPL in the jeans photo made it thoroughly work for me. Thanks, Leesa.

Pyth0s said...

I must admit, there is nothing nicer than the female bum in the right pair of jeans!

You must admit that jeans are the most comfortable pants in the world. And yes as men, our packages do look much better in jeans then in dress pants persay.

My only complaint is I only wear boxers and they tend to always ride up in jeans which makes me consider commando most of the time!

Thank god for the 30 seconds of soft-core porn commercials based on women in jeans, where would we be without those precious minutes between all the other utter crap on TV these days!

Leesa said...

rwa: I thought "false" in false advertizing was redundant.

kathi: thanks, Kathi.

prata: I thought the Dell example was classic.

larry: I think all jeans are more comfortable after use.

mal: thanks!

rwa: I have a Dell at work, and it seems to be fine.

quasar: I occasionally will see someone with such a small waist, and then I have to say to myself, "It is her bone structure. She's not really a bitch."

ian: and I thought you were only into words.

pyth0s: I just wish that we could wear jeans all of the time.

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha that was such a funny post, I was really visualising the looks on the actors' faces and the cheesiness of it all!