Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm Back

I received a comment from ScarletB the other day, and I just read it: "I've just discovered your blog and I sat here reading and have a really great style of writing - open and completely natural..thanks for sharing this.."

Wow, what a sweet comment from someone who just read my blog. I have been in a funk lately, and that comment helped.

Speaking of being in a funk, last Wednesday was Independence Day. And having a holiday in the middle of the week sort of sucks. I mean, it seemed like the beginning of the week lasted one week, and the end of the week lasted another week, so instead of being off one day, it felt like I worked two weeks in order to get one day off.

You know, if we called "the Forth of July" Independence Day more often, perhaps we could move the celebration from one day to a more convenient day. I mean, when the founding fathers decided to declare independence from England, they did not say "let's do this on the forth."

I looked at a perpetual calendar (this one), and the Forth of July was on a Thursday. First Thursday of the month. Seems to me that celebrating Independence Day on a Thursday each year would be better. I mean, it would take out the Wednesday celebration (which really sucks, see above). Plus, it would take out the Saturday and Sunday celebrations, and some people don't get the day off if the holiday falls on the weekend.

I mean, I can imagine George Washington and Ben Franklin chatting, and Washington finally saying to everyone, "Okay, we need to decide if we should declare independence." If we make the decision today, we get a three day weekend.

Me, I just want more three day weekends. It seems to be the American way.


Prata said...

First bitches!

And you should have a gander at France if you want to talk about days off. They are the leader in days off last time I read, which was about three or four months ago?

Anonymous Boxer said...

I was going to say the very same thing... Europe has got VACATION down, when it comes to taking time off.

That said, today is my first day back at work in over a week.


ScarletB said...

Glad it helped :-)

RWA said...

I'd like to thank "scarletb" for whatever part she played in re-igniting your inspiration.

And, you are exactly right. Independence Day should be on a Thursday - every year. Holidays on Wednesdays are the worst!

Leesa said...

prata: France has it right.

boxer: I think it should be manditory that when taking vacation days, you need at least one week off.

skarletb: thanks, sweetie.

rwa: the Thursday holidays are the best. Get them over on Thursday and you have the rest of the week to do other stuff. See Thanksgiving.