Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Day

Like so many others, I am taking the day off.

One pet-peeve I have is that people call Independence Day by another name, "the 4th of July." I mean, do we call Christmas, "the 25th of December"? I don't know why we call Independence Day by the other name - is it that Americans don't remember when we celebrate our independence from the repressive King George III. I saw pictures of him in Schoolhouse Rock, and I can tell you, we are better off without that weak-chinned man.

Happy Independence Day!


Knot said...

Did you watch Independence Day on Independence Day?

Deb said...

So true.... never really thought about it. Hmm... I gotta Google that question now. lol

Xmichra said...

Deb when you have the answer let us know.. lol.. us Canucks are int eh dark with your observance terms o.O

Leesa said...

knot: I think the movie Independence Day is about the second Independence Day.

deb: Yeah, let me know what you find as well.

xmichra: I guess I should have said something about Boxing Day, huh?