Friday, October 31, 2008

Nasty Comments

For those of you who read comments (I normally don't read other blog comments, so if you are like me, you may not be aware), I have had a nasty anonymous commenter lately.

I normally write for myself and really don't care where you are from (and don't snoop to see where people are from). Anyway, this gal pissed me off, mostly because she hides behind being anonymous. As Prata or Grant would suggest, posting anonymous comments are not really anonymous.

Well, Wednesday night (Oct 29 2008 7:38:05 pm), she posted another note. I don't know a lot about her, but I do know she probably is from Chester, New York. She uses Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems), perhaps uses Firefox for her browser (at work - oh, and her work computer is a PC running Windows XP). And I have her IP Address. And if that is not all, her initials are AF (yeah, I know the name, too, or the name she has used in the past on her work computer).

Sorry I can't have anonymous comments right now.


~gkw said...

Wow, I went back and read some of them... The guy is bad.... I read all your posts, but don't comment often. I think you're a great writer and kind of humorous too... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Or you could just not allow anonymous posting.

As long as I have been in this, I tend to have the hair on the back of my neck rise when I see "anonymous" in my comments. I can understand if you are saying something you don't want to reveal your identity about (alcoholic uncle, child abuse victim, etc.) but being mean and nasty and anon just makes me want to attack you.


Grant said...

Why is it nice people like you get all the nasty anonymous comments? I've had exactly two in all my years of blogging, and I enjoyed both immensely. Both told me I needed to find Jesus, and I didn't even know I was supposed to be looking for him.

- Anonymous blogger who is totally not Grant.

~Deb said...

Obviously, the person who is doing this is highly irritated by your ability to write much better than "she" can.

"She" critiques anyone, corrects everyone and tries to mock people by belittling.

The IP address comes from a company located in Chester, NY and I hope you don't mind, I did take a peek at your sitemeter and your information that you sent me and it is definitely "her".

Just keep tracking it.

You are an amazing writer and can pull off any subject. Not a lot of people can do that.

Leesa said...

~gkw: The gal, not the guy. Thanks for the compliment. You know, when I started reading blogs, I commented. Now, I don't.

knot: I like anonymous posts. Sometimes they have ideas that are interesting.

grant: I wouldn't mind anon comments if they are interesting. But just commenting on my writing - such an easy target.

~deb: thanks, babe. And I wanted to write about supernatural yesterday. Oh, well.

~Deb said...

It's never too late. I love reading about your supernatural experiences. :)

Write. Don't let anyone stifle you just because they cannot express themselves so beautifully as you do.

This very same person tried to stifle me, which is why I stopped writing all that time. I felt like I was being studied under a microscope, but you know something, never let a person hold you down. Show your talent even more! :)

I absolutely LOVE and ADORE your stories, thoughts and writing - so please give us your spin on the supernatural.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Yeah, Grant has noticed that Deb and me get trolls and he gets none. I think the power of Satan keeps them away.

I've had so many trolls that I can't even count. I got rid of the anonymous feature when someone posted that they knew who I was, they knew where I lived and they planned on making my life miserable. I thought: well, if you know so much, why are you ANONYMOUS? So I dumped that. Then I got trolled some more by 2 people and I started to moderate. But then I would get people who opened a google account with no blog and they would leave gems. One called himself (I just assumed it was male) Farty. Even though I wouldn't publish the comments, they still wanted to get under my skin. Eventually they left me alone. Then I get the ones who leave comments that I know are meant to both bother me and others, so I don't publish them and then I am told (twice this happened) that I am a fascist or a bad American or on some power trip. Geez, who deliberately goes to another blog with the intention of being deliberately hurtful and rude and then has the nerve to bitch when you don't think their comments deserve the light of day. Let them get their own blog.

If this person keeps bugging you, there are other ways you can get rid of them for free as long as you know their IP and it isn't static. If your troll is somewhat computer saavy and very determined, you can still get rid of them, but it means you have to pay membership to one of those IP blockers.

I've seen you before at Grant's page and Deb's--you probably know this, but don't put your email on your blog---too many nuts. Sorry you have a troll.

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