Monday, October 27, 2008

Limiting One's Choices

There is a photographer I absolutely love in Flickr. Well two, but this one (named AustinTX) took the picture to the right of my words. I love this picture. And not for the reasons that others may like this picture.
Yeah, she is a beautiful young woman, completely nude – but tastefully so – and she is looking at pictures on the bed. Well, I am not sure that's what she is looking at, but that's what the image suggests. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I did not take any naughty pictures. I mean, there is one picture of me, but it was not a "photo shoot." And now I don't have my twenty-year-old bod anymore. So I really can't ever do nudie pics that show me in my twenties.

If I had to do it all over again, would I want some naughty pics of me? Maybe. Maybe.


kathi said...

This is a gorgeous picture, and I'm going to go check out the rest of his pictures.

I've got some of me out there...well, I don't have them. Bet if I ever got famous they'd surface. Be nice to see my 20 year old body again.

Anonymous said...

Always the slut.

Leesa said...

kathi: you are lucky.

anon: sure, if you say so.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, how to respond to this as a photographer and reader. I get asked occasionally how I will handle being approached to do nudes or boudoir ( this guy shoots boudoir because it's suggested nudity or implied nudity but not nudity ). I can tell you that as someone in the business, there isn't a lot of money in it.

However, as an adult I can say that you would be surprised that older women do a lot of boudoir. And a good photographer should be able to minimize the parts of you body you don't want emphasized. Trick is finding someone who understands it all.

Personally, I would be flattered, but I'm not sure I have enough skill. As part of a bridal shoot ... sure I'd do it as a groom/bride secret book.


Leesa said...

knot: I bet you get a lot of bridal business. When I was a bride, I thought it was a rip-off. As a non-passionate mariage-goer, however, it appears that the photographer earns their pay. Not just brides, but the mothers. Wow, some people let their claws out during the pre-wedding shoot.