Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rich Bitch and Bubble Baths

News flash. I am not rich. I have not even whiffed real money. Big money. So when someone like me thinks of an expensive watch, my mind drifts to Rolex. I don't think of Roger Dubois (their new men's watch, the Excalibur, retails for $657,150. The one thing I don't get – if you are spending over $650K for a watch, why tack on the $150 on the end of the watch? Really, like someone is going to say, "You know, I was looking for something under $657,120. Makes no sense to me. Oh, and if I was watch shopping for hubbie and saw this watch along side a decent Timex, I would have purchased the Timex (even if I did not know one watch cost more than a house more than the other watch).

Similarly, I don't know good threads. Oh, and I am talking about bedsheets. Apparently Hästens is a fine brand that I have not heard of. I mean, I would get my sheets from JC Penneys. They hold up in hot water when you are getting cum stains out. I mean, isn't that important? Either right people don't cum, or they throw the damn sheets out. Again, a foreign concept.

For me, I can remember a few airlines. Southwest is my favorite. I am not looking for an outfit like Netjets (they are one of the large charter jet services; not sure if they have frequent flier mile program). Flexjet is another carrier.

When I look for a deal, I look to Wal-Mart. Actually, truth-be-known, I prefer Target (pronounced Tarczey for a classier sound). I don't fly to wherever and attend a Sotheby's auction.

I mention this because every once in a while, I read a magazine called Worth. I make a warm bubble bath and read it from cover to cover. I don't dream of being rich, but while reading this $6 magazine, I sometimes wonder how the other 1% lives.


GW Mush said...


You say the word 'Target' a certain way to sound classy while talking about cum stains on your bedsheets?

You are tooo much , and.... I dont think you ever have to worry about being seen as classy, hehe

Opps, sorry, kinda harsh but oh so true.

Leesa said...

gw mush: mark, mark, mark. You have not met many southern gals. We need to be prim and proper while talking in polite society. But if you are lucky enough to be taken into our confidence (or into our bedrooms), you might see a cat who wears different stripes.

GW Mush said...


lol ok.

LarryLilly said...

Amen to that Sister Leesa.

my wife goes camping with a Tex-ass womans group, and while at day they are all prime and proper, working, or not, at night, my wife says, the converstaion can turn cast iron into shiny brass.

This years Neiman-Marcus catalog prime gift is cheap, for $500,000 you will get the entire end zone of the old Dallas Cowboys stadium (its in its last year) installed in your back yard.

QUASAR9 said...

lol leesa,
I don't see the point on putting $650k on my wrist or a hundred and fifty dollars on the end of a $650k price tag

But hey I'm only really here to get a peek pf your lovely butt

Ian Lidster said...

Wal-Mart for high thread count sheets at a wonderful price. Bought some beautiful burgundy colored king sizes a while ago. Heavenly to lie on. About the cum stains, however, not so good due to the color.
High end watches I never really did get. I'm not a watch fetishist. Does the watch you cited tell time 'better' than my lowly Seiko?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Leesa,
The distribution of intelligence and wealth seem grossly imbalanced and independent of each other.

Anonymous said...

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