Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thirty-nine: A Magic Number

Okay, I am 39 years old. And that sort of sucks. Not that 39 is a bad age, but when someone asks now, I will say I am 39 and almost no one will believe me.

When I was growing up, I had an aunt who was 39 for about 15 years. So if you asked her your age, you would assume she was older. I am 39, and if anyone asks (and I tell the truth), they may not believe me. I don't lie about my age – never really thought about it. Until now.

I have heard that age is just a number. I don't believe it, though. I mean, my bank account balance is just a number, but those rat bastards at the bank charge me $15 if I don't have sufficient funds and write a check. I can just imagine me saying, "You know, my bank account balance is just a number." And if I said that, I am sure the teller would laugh themselves into a tizzy.

Numbers can be important. At least that's what the drug companies tell you – with cholesterol, blood sugar, whatever. Or even bed companies. The Old Bionic Woman is sleep number 35. What's your sleep number? Numbers are important. Age does matter, but it is not everything. My 39-year-old aunt was a vivacious woman – a crazy woman, a woman who acted 21 even into her fifties. But when she was in her fifties, she no longer ran naked through sprinklers (she could twist and ankle). But she still shocked her kids.

Now, I don't really mind if people know I am 39. But when people ask, I think I will whip out my driver's license and prove that I am 39. Of course, the driver's license may not prove I am an American. But that is a discussion for another day.


Prata said...

I know a 39 year old woman. ^_^ She looks 12 in pictures. Well, okay not 12 but she doesn't look her age.

I don't place much emphasis on age, probably because I'm seeing someone older than me? But all the same, I tend to ignore it for the most part in most things that occur in my life.

~Deb said...

Well Happy Birthday! (Is it your birthday?) If best wishes.

The "number" definitely has an affect on us growing older, bones becoming fragile and skin becoming flabby. However, the mind is a powerful thing. When they say "age is but a number", I don't think they're saying you're going to look 21 forever. (I didn't even look good back then for the love of GOD!) But, I do feel that your mindset (and thank God I'm one immature SOB), will have you young when you're 90.

And of course, a good glass of wine each night will do the trick - or any alcohol for that matter. Have you ever seen a person over 100 yrs of age get asked, "So how'd you do it? What's your trick?" It usually boils down to that beautiful substance.


~Deb said...

OK Prate - ASIANS don't count because they don't age ---PERIOD!

~Deb said...

*Prata* ...sorry. It's my age kicking in again.

Prata said...

*busts up* I read your comment and pushed Mt. Dew through my nose..thanks a lot! lol I have to clean up my desk.

LarryLilly said...

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday young Leesa
Happy birthday to you

when your old as dirt like me, if your breathing then your young to me LOL

Leesa said...

prata: when I was 25, I was carded and the guy thought my ID was fake. And I thought to myself, "What do I do, call the police?"

~deb: Booze in moderation - lots of centerians say that.

~deb: asians and black people. Have you ever seen a 90-year-old black man who looks 65? All of the time. I wish I could have a bit of melonin injected in my skin.

larry: my b-day has passed, actually. Just thinking about it today.

Grant said...

Happy birthday to you!
Repeat previous line.
Do that again.
In the name of the devil. >:)

I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. Anyway, 39 is a fine age if you're a man or an expensive Cabernet, although it's clearly over the hill for women. But it's not your fault you weren't born a guy or a French grape. Fortunately Alzheimer's seems to have struck early so you don't realize that you're years past your prime. Better living through delusions - that's how I cope with reality. Okay, the beer helps too.

I've only seen your blog pic, but you have very pretty pixels and your picture doesn't seem to have aged a whit since I first found you. Enjoy your late late thirties, which will hopefully be better than my early late twenties.

seattledrizzle said...

And it should be good quality tequila, not the house brand.

~Deb said...

I agree with Grant, your pixels are fabulous honey! I'm just hoping Prata didn't have to clean up his desk more than once today...hrmm...

My partner is Puerto Rican and she is 10 yrs older than me. When we go out to a bar, she gets carded....and I don't. I hate her! Her entire family do not look their age. It's in their blood.

Seattle: What about dem' folks that rely on moonshine? They live to be 120! (hs) And the Italians, the ones that are over 100 rely on cheap port wine.

I guess tequila is a whole other can of beans.

Leesa said...

grant: some technophiles will say that my pixels have aged. I think the pic is a JPEG, and it is not a los-less format, whatever that means.

seattle: I thought all tequella was good? I guess I have not developed discriminating tastes in my advanced years.

~deb: sometimes I think they card just to enhance the tip.

~Deb said...

What tip? They're bouncers. Do you tip bouncers? Hmmmmm.

Frankly Speaking said...

My mother, when she was turning 67 years old, said she found it hard to believe because in her head, she was the same person she always, just as young as ever. As every year passed, I found it disconcerting because I had the same notion. Then I turned 40 three years ago and just declared, "40 is the new 20," and had a big old party and invited friends from my past and present to celebrate.