Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bed Sheets

Over the past week, I have been traveling. I enjoy parts of traveling, but I am not partial to hotels. Mostly because I like sleeping on clean sheets, and I don't trust hotels to thoroughly clean their sheets. Yeah, I know they have big washers and dryers that use scalding hot water to remove everything, but when I see hotel sheets, I imagine all of the germs still on them. And that does not count dust mites. Damn OCD.

What was more embarrassing is that hubbie and I had sex in the hotel one night – really drenched the sheets, if you know what I mean. The next day, I went back to the room for something in the early afternoon – just wanted to pop in and get something out of the suitcase and brush my hair.

The maid was in the room, replacing the sheets. And I was so embarrassed. There I was, entering the room, and she was changing sex-soaked sheets. She had to have known, and there I was, busted.

As I was walking down to the elevator, I remembered another experience with bed sheets. I was working at a camp one summer, and the last morning of camp, the camp residents were to carry their bed sheets to the office before "check out." So here I was, on the first shift, accepting sheets and placing them in these large tubs. One of my girlfriends was next shift, and she comes to relieve me.

We start chatting, and someone comes to give us her sheets. She instructs the person to place the sheets in the tub, and I ask her why. Her answer was that the sheets could be "dirty," meaning sex-dirty. I had never even thought of that, and there were probably 15 to 20 sheets I personally handled.

I took a shower after being relieved. Sex was not part of the scheduled programs, but I had never envisioned that any of these people would have had sex in the week or two weeks they were at camp. Sheltered me.

I have got to go. I sort of want to go home and do a load of laundry now. Can't do it, but I feel compelled nonetheless.


Christie said...

The RFS Blog Awards are back! Go nominate!

Ian Lidster said...

You are allowed to have sex-soaked sheets. Shows life is good.

And, I can think of worse things to soak sheets than good healthy sex.

Glad you're back. I missed you.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had a similar conversation on a recent trip. When you think about it, if you have two people staying in a room that they don't have to clean, chances are lots of sex has happened on the sheets.

I would have never put 2 and 2 together on the camp sheets though. Interesting. It just shows we have a whole lot more sex than we probably think as a society.


Toad734 said...

I always turn the sheets down first to make sure I don't lay down in any short and curlies.

Leesa said...

ian: thanks, sweetie. The time off was nice, but I am sort of glad I am back at work and at blogging.

edge: some of those camp sheets were nasty, but I assumed it was sweat and dirt. The summer is pretty warm in coastal Georgia.

toad: good advice, and thanks for stopping by.

Zibi said...

Lovely post :-)

~Deb said...

I was laughing while reading this, because we share a common interest or issue: OCD. Not an issue - a lifesaver if you really think about it.

Any time my partner and I go to a hotel, I always remember that Dateline program where they showed all the "DNA" on the top comforter of the bed. They NEVER wash that one. So, never, ever, sleep with that no matter how cold you are. Don't touch it, use gloves or just take a pair of tongs and flip that puppy off the bed! (ha) Extreme, I know.

Also, the DNA blue light detector showed TONS of DNA all over the walls of the room, bathroom, and especially the sink.

These were 4 of the most top hotels too. They weren't no Motel 6 deals.

RWA said...

If I had been a camp counselor, I probably wouldn't have thought about that either.

But the hotel thing? Who cares?

Don't think you were "busted." Instead, you should have said, "Yeah, we did it all night long - on every piece of furniture in this room. You got a problem with that?"