Monday, January 21, 2008

College Basketball

Georgia Tech Cheerleaders and mascot at a basketball game.
I went to a school which was pretty good in basketball. Problem is, I like football better. It is easier to carry on a conversation in an outdoor stadium than it is inside with all of the sounds bouncing off the hardwood, the ceiling, the walls. Even the ball dribbling and the whistles can interrupt a conversation. Oh, and you thought I would say that I liked the football players in their tight white pants, bending over? Yeah, right. Actually I think some women go along with a "high def" purchase because it makes those tight white pants really jump of the screen. Or so I have heard.

Oh, and my team is in the basement of the ACC. Best basketball conference - the only team in the conference without an overall winning record right now. And I looked at the RPI Rankings (most other rankings only go up to 25 or so) to see where GA Tech rates, and, well, they are not in the top 100. In fact, there is a real chance that most of the teams in the ACC will be invited to the tourney, with the exception of GA Tech and probably a team or two. I sort of feel like one of the fans of a team that is in the same conference (or whatever it is really called) with the NY Yankees and Boston Red Socks. I mean, really, why even field a decent team when the competition is going to outspend you 3 to 1. One year, New York's infield cost more than most major league teams. Really. Don't quote me on that, but doesn't it sound true?

You might ask yourself why I am writing about Georgia Tech basketball on MLK's birthday (celebrated day, not actual day). Well, I think a lot of people won't even read this so why waste a good post about invisible panty lines (how to have them) or Candida albicans (how not to get it).

Speaking of issues of little importance, I was looking at a webpage the other day, and I saw the following ad:

It is an ad to chat with a Mormon. Maybe because I have had sex on the brain recently, but it sort of looks like one of those sex chat ads. I mean, you know the ones on late night television – sexy woman who says, "You know, when I want to relax, I just chat with my friends on the phone." It sort of sounds like when she works on the sex line, it is relaxing to her. Guess she picked the right line of work – until her voice gets all gravelly from the two-pack a day habit. Unless that is some sort of fetish I am unaware of.

Personally, I can't wait until football season. College football. That is, if my team were better. I am glad I am not a rabid fan because more often than not, the season ends in disappointment. Sort of like calling those sex hotlines. I mean, date hotlines.


Frankly Speaking said...

Sex on the brain lately? I was under the impression you had sex on the brain most of the time ... you know, like the rest of us. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like having sex on the brain.

Is GT really that bad at basketball. I guess they have to choose basketball of football.

My school - Texas Tech - is a little bit the same way, but they put more money in football and don't do as well but put less in basketball and do better. It's a good town for both sports.

Now you have me all sexed on the brain.


Leesa said...

frankly: I don't think about sex all of the time, but lately . . .

edge: yeah, GT is just that bad. Doesn't Texas Tech have that coach that throws chairs at his players?

RWA said...

Hopefully the new coach at Georgia Tech will get your alma mater back on the right track for football.

I think we need to hear more about your sex hotline calls. And from this post, please don't try to backtrack and say you've never called one.

Deb said...

I enjoy college football more than pro.

Leesa said...

rwa: I have actually never called a sex hotline. Sorry to disappoint.

deb: I enjoy college sports more than pro sports as well.

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