Monday, January 26, 2009

Madonna: In the News

Playboy cover featuring MadonnaWhen I was in high school, I can remember seeing a Playboy with Madonna in it. Apparently, Madonna posed for Playboy before her singing career took off. At least, that's what I remembered at the time.

I was in my car coming home the other day, and between all of the pre- inauguration stuff, there was a few minutes spend on story about a photo session between Madonna and Lee Friedlander. Apparently, a nude photograph of Madonna taken during the 1979 modeling session is set to be auctioned on February 12 at Christie's auctioneers in New York. The photo appeared in Playboy magazine, with Fox News reporting that the singer may have been paid as little as $25 for the session.

Anyway, as the radio talked about auctioning off the photo, I thought about the first time I saw Madonna's nudes in Playboy. Now, I don't remember much about the photos. The first thing I recall is that Madonna had . . . unappealing feet. I googled to find an image of the feet, and could not. There were a couple of photos that had her feet clipped from the photo – not sure if that was purposeful or not. And the other thing is that she did not shave her armpits.

I saw the picture with a bunch of girlfriends after school. Her father subscribed to Playboy for the articles, I am sure. We were more interested in seeing Madonna without her clothes on. I think it was about the time that she was in a movie, Desperately Seeking Susan. She had several hit albums/singles by then, and she had 12-year-olds dressing like hookers. Madonna was bigger than life.

Anyway, we went over to my friend's house, we made sure her brother was out of the house, we went into her father's room, and locked the door. We then went into the bathroom, where the Playboy was, under a box of tissue paper, as I recall. We huddled around the toilet, looking at Madonna, and my first thought was, "She is not all that sexy or glamorous in these pictures." I think that was probably thought by others, because we eventually looked at the centerfold. Well, at the time, I thought the centerfold was so much more exotic than Madonna, but I could not remember – really remember – what the centerfold looked like. A friend suggested a site to find her (definitely not workplace safe). Anyway, I looked at the playmate, and she was not nearly as exotic as I had remembered.

Anyway, for whatever it is worth, I have always admired Madonna. She was nearly 50 when the video below was taken, and she looks great. For me, I look to Madonna and see a former Catholic girl who has learned how to display her sexuality and is so business savvy. Still, she has ugly feet (IMHO). But a fellow blogger disagrees. Of course, there are all sorts of fetishes out there.


Anonymous said...

I think I was in jr. high or early high school when those pictures came out. My biggest memory was that 1. She was not blonde 2. Her armpits were HAIRY!!

My wife and I were discussion this weekend about when women started to "prune the shrub" as in what year did it all start. The site you suggested is a really good indicator. I think it was mid to late 90's.


Ian Lidster said...

I actually have that edition of Playboy. As for Madonna, I prefer the early slutty girl version, and I love the ever so slightly S&M song Hanky-Panky from Dick Tracy.

Leesa said...

knot: I am anti-pruning. But that's just because of when I grew up I suppose (adolescence in the 80s).

ian: When she was singing Lucky Star and such, I did not think she was a slut.

LarryLilly said...

I had a short affair with a younger woman, and she was the first (and only) woman that shaved the shrub.

I didnt like it at all, I was missing the reference point, the roadmap so to speak, and wondered what a drag, shaving/plucking/waxing that off. Why?

I will never know why full grown women want to look like a pre-pub girl?

Are all men liking that look?

I thought Madonna was on the edge.

Sheen V said...

Those feet are cute regardless of who's they are. And thanks for the link to the centerfold site!

Brian Sorgatz said...

I enjoyed your story about you and your girlfriends looking at a Playboy. It reminded me of Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe doing the same thing on Friends.

You say the September 1985 centerfold is less "exotic" than you remembered. Not everybody is impressed by the stylized, formulaic quality of Playboy pictures. But on my Playboy fan blog, I've argued that they are sociologically fascinating.