Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Job in the World

I got this in my inbox today. The Telegraph article, in part, says this about the dream job:

Interest in the "dream job", which involves little more than relaxing on Hamilton Island while £69,000 ticks into your bank account, is so high that a website built specifically to advertise the position to global jobseekers crashed overnight.

More than 210 applications have been received for the job so far, and, run by Tourism Queensland, had more than 160,000 visitors in its first 24 hours. British visitors made up 34 per cent of the traffic.

A spokeswoman for Tourism Queensland said the site was back up and running now, although it was expected to "go a bit crazy" when the American audience wakes up to the offer of being paid to live in paradise.

The job will be advertised for another six weeks, and all applications will be considered on their merits, not how quickly they were submitted, she said.

Well, I tried logging onto the site yesterday, just to take a look around, and I could not see anything. Guess their servers were having a problem. Imagine living in paradise for 6 months and just blogging and vlogging about it for a few hours per day.

I don't know if it will help tourism, but the 100K salary just gave them more than $100K worth of worldwide advertising. Just my opinion.

Before you ask, I will not apply. I already have a dream job where I have few responsibilities, get a steady paycheck, and it looks like my job is fairly secure. Which is sad, considering what I do for the company. I mean, part of the reason I don't take long vacations is because if I did, they would figure out they really don't need me. Of course, that applies to about half of the employees, I suppose.

I am more interested in who they get for this spokesperson.

Here is my guess: the spokesperson will be female, in her late 20s, and look really good in a bikini. She will have completed college, have worked in the newsroom of a small television station, and have a heck of a sense of humor. She will also write really well, and have traveled a bit. She will be either Australian or British, and she probably will have competed in sports in high school.

That's my prediction. Now I will go off to my dream job and surf the web. And I can't believe that the high in a few days will be in the 20s. I am in the deep south, for gosh sake.


~Deb said...

I forgot everything I read once I got to, "for gosh sake".

Bundle up!

mal said...

I can't believe that any one could do something so blatantly sexist!

by the you know what time "The Bachelor" is on?

kathi said...

Now see, I've had the same prediction as you, BUT I'm betting it's going to be a guy in great physical condition because there is some work to be done. If it wasn't for the physical labor, babe, my name would already be in that hat.

Leesa said...

~deb: it was actually forgettable. Thanks, sweetie.

mal: I have never seen the Bachelor. But I remember when Baywatch was on so many years ago. All the publicity was on the women, but there were men running around that show as well.

kathi: I could do with a bit of Aussie eye candy.