Friday, January 09, 2009

Loosing Bloggers

I have been blogging for a few years now, and blogging has changed a bit. Blogging was fresh and new at one point. I think I started blogging right after it started. And I have seen a lot of bloggers come and go.

Latest one has been the Peanut Queen.

I remember Georgia Peach – she blew up her blog a few times. She had a kind heart, and really seemed to want to help girl bloggers – the ones that are confused and used. I loved that gal.

Then there was Ddot. He was a self-proclaimed king. I really liked Ddot as well. He eventually quit when his real life was too busy. He was writing professionally on the side, the last time I heard. He was interviewing some really big rap stars. Had I known more about rap, I would have been extremely impressed. Okay, I was impressed nonetheless. I googled the last interview I read, and he was very popular and was never indicted for any capital crimes. Sort of a win-win if you ask me.

Then there is Mal. She is on-again, off-again. She reminds me of some chemical engineer chick who can write. She wrote two posts in December, so I guess that makes her on-again.

There is Muse, who has vacillated between blogging and not blogging for a while. She blogs occasionally still. She as such a wonderful writing style. Absolutely riveting.

There is Lisa, the bored housewife. She still writes, again occasionally.

I sometimes wonder why I write. I know I can't write every day; I am just too busy for that. And sometimes when I look at my entries, I wonder why people read. This used to be an outlet for me. It can be again, I suppose.

Oh, and the image I am using used to be on PQ's blog. Internet Archives can be a beautiful thing.

Looks like Florida are the national champs in NCAA Football. From what I saw of the game, perhaps it should have been Utah.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the time of year. A long time blogger I liked to read but agreed very little with just stopped. She was a good blog, not tremendous, but good - I thought she was a little dramatic and whined a lot - but I was sad to see her go.

I wonder if people would stop if they knew or had met the people that read their blogs personally?


~Deb said...

Back in 2004- 2006 it was huge to blog. It still is somewhat but people are not "Twittering" their brains out. What's your "status"? What are you doing at this very moment. I believe devices such as Blackberries and the iPhone made blogging obsolete altogether. Now it's "mini-blogging" and peering into one's life at that VERY moment. Everyone needs to know what everybody's doing this very moment. I blame Facebook and Myspace for this frenzy too.

One of my favorite bloggers, CP (Certifiable Princess) has announced that she will no longer be blogging. She was a wonderful humorist blogger who entertained you with each passing word. I hope she comes back and shares her stories about her life.

Remember Mikey? The guy from the midwest who had a dry sense of humor? We got "married" through bloggerville and did a "white trash wedding" through manipulating photos? (We were sick!)

Kathi. She disabled comments, but I'm glad she is still blogging.

And Dan Balogh??? He got 300 comments per day. He's still around, but on Facebook. He still gets a ton of comments, just by his statuses alone. He wrote about anything and everything---didn't matter---people flocked to him like anything and he didn't even have to reciprocate the visit back to your blog or do anything other than write. If he wrote...they came.

I also feel people focus way too much about how many comments or hits they get on their sitemeters. Who cares! Write. I have posts from back to 2005 that people are still commenting over. I got a comment today from a person who bitched and moaned about a post when I first started blogging. And you----you still get comments in older posts too, I know. So your "voice" is out there, regardless of what new content is not getting hits or if there seems to be a lack of comments. I've noticed that many bloggers I come across are getting less and less comments every day.

Blame it on Blackberry and laziness. hehe...



LarryLilly said...

Blogs didnt exist when i would have poured out my inner beast, so instead i wrote on the computer paper. I would write rage/love/despair/death/tragedy/and start all over again. I did this for some two years until the scab was so picked over it healed with scars, covered, but clearly a place where you could see damage.

Now, well, I read more than what I write.

I find your blog interesting, it ranges from rarer lusty sinful pursuit to just "stuff".

I limit my list to about 10 blogs. I keep a short list of regulars that will not change like yours, peace of my mind, the attack of the red neck mommy, and two others. Then I keep a list of several that I read for a while and determine if i make them a member of my regular list or drop. Each one different yet each one like us, individual.

The classic lines from Rocky I,

"Paulie: What's the attraction?
Rocky: I dunno... she fills gaps.
Paulie: What's 'gaps'?
Rocky: I dunno, she's got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps."

Leesa, you fill a few gaps LOL

(that sounds dirty doesnt it LOL)

QUASAR9 said...

Not just that blogging has lost its novelty value, or that people have found blog maintenance a task rather than a leisure activity - but of course that there are more spheres one can lose oneself in

It would be handy if one could visit random blogspot, typepad or other blogs by 'topics' and/or other identifiable common interest feature ...

just clicking on next blog doesn't take one very far

kathi said...

I was going back over my archives the other day and remembering some of my favorites that quit; Twisted Chick, Chrissie, Humanity Critic, Dzer, Mike, Lisa (different than the one you mentioned, I think)...I still miss them.

mal said...

Well,,,I guess I am kind of on again *L*

"She reminds me of some chemical engineer chick who can write" ROFL..I am afraid to ask if you know many more like me...SCAREY

I know what you mean though in wondering why we write. I wish I had the answer

As far as why I read? In your case I know the answer. You are eloquent.

Leesa said...

knot: I will miss the Peanut Queen.

~Deb: I remember the hey-day of the Peanut Queen. She had some wonderful posts.

I did not read CP, but Mike was always a good read. I have always liked Kathi. Dan Balogh? Never heard of him. And you are right, I get comments about 2 year old posts. Sort of cool.

larry: I am afraid I don't find my blog interesting right now.

quasar: next blog is really unsatisfying.

kathi: thanks for the list.

mal: I am humbled.

My Rights said...

i am also not happy becouse of missing all.

Brea said...

I started blogging as an emotional outlet. It really blew my mind when I started getting comments and then regular readers. I guess the part I never prepared for was the social aspect of blogging - never even considered it. I'm guilty of stopping my blog abruptly. It still amazes me that people continued to write and comment months after my last post.

Leesa said...

my rights: I know.

brea: I remember you as well, Brea. You read ddot as well, and I started reading you as your comments were funny/interesting.