Friday, September 12, 2008

Slutty Writer at Your Service

I have been asked this a lot. "Leesa", my public says, "you write a shit-load of erotica. Are these from your own personal experiences?"

My public is a bit vulgar. And by "my public", I am talking about a few stalkers. Stalkers seem to be vulgar, live in basements, look down on people who eat Ramen but eat fast food, and have an alphabetized porn collection.

The erotica I write is not a blow-by-blow encounter of my life (if only) - but there are elements of truth in all of the stories. Some are truer than others, but all are a mixture of truth and fantasy. I mean, I don't want to give my brother-in-law a blow job. That is just wrong. And some girlfriend did not tie me up and leave me to be found by my husband (that one was mostly fantasy).

I think we all want to express ourselves in some way or another. Paris Hilton shows her pussy in public. I write. To each her own. Well, I am going to write another chapter for my book. Or surf the Internet, looking for Paris Hilton upskirts.


Grant said...

I'm cool with ramen.

richmanwisco said...

hey! i haven't had ramen in a whole week!

GNDTX said...

I miss writing, but not the weirdos.


mal said...

you forgot the pimples most stalkers sport on their faces *L*

gee, Paris Hilton upskirts? What???? is Ms Spears chopped liver or sumtin?

Lara said...

Well you could always show your pussy in public to shake things up a little.

But doesn't everyone alphabetize their porn?

QUASAR9 said...

lol Leesa,
good to see your sense of humour is still as lively as ever.
It is fun to be able to walk the fine thin line between reality and fantasy and write about it ...

QUASAR9 said...

I'm pretty keen on daydreaming myself, though I daren't put all my fantasies online - in case those dreaded stalkers start lurking around.

~Deb said...

Ramen, porn & stalkers...all make me retain water somehow.

Your writing is always intriguing! I like the fact that your erotica comes with some interesting twist to it.

Joe said...

"blow by blow"...ha ha ha ha ha

Erm...sorry. You didn't mean it that way, did you?

This makes me glad I never asked...or wondered for that reason. I just take it a face value. I can't imagine asking a science fiction writer if they've whatever science fiction writers write about.

Guess I could have used a better analogy there.

Leesa said...

grant and rich: eat more ramen. Chick-filet slogan, right?

GNDTX: You are a gifted writer, sweetie. I bought your book, by the way.

mal: I forgot about Ms. Spears. Is she still in the media?

lara: there is so much towards the end of the alphabet. Xtreme this and that. XXX Upskirts. Xtreme Hair Xtentions.

quasar: thanks for the fine comments. Since you write about stars, do you daydream or nightdream?

~deb: thanks, sweetie. I am retaining lots of water this week.

joe: that never occured to me. Blow-by-blow.

Advizor said...

Ramen is for lightweights. the real stalkers go for the noodles from the 99 cent store.

I think the act of writing porn for public reading is a brave thing to do. It is in our fantasies that we reveal our true selves and our vulnerabilities.

Go Leesa!!!!