Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Finger

I don't think it is very lady-like to give someone "the finger." I don't remember when I knew what the finger meant, but the first time I remember seeing it (e.g., it made an impact) was when a student in eighth grade gave a teacher a reverse finger (but you know what the student meant). He was a real cute guy, and I sort of had a crush on him.

I can still remember the student's right hand – it is etched on my brain. Or at least on chemicals that make my memory mine. It seemed like a really ugly gesture, and my crush on that guy ended.

Something happened over the years. My wide innocent eyes changed gradually. They did not change immediately or noticeably, but over time, with an ever increasing barrage of middle fingers, that obscene gesture because more commonplace.

Now, you can see the finger anytime a driver disagrees with your driving (so I have heard). And it makes me a little sad. How I long to be shocked by the middle finger.


LarryLilly said...

You want shocking?
You want shocking?

You cant handle shocking. Shocking is when a person is being dressed up, slaps on some lipstick, and because she is a woman, people thing that iresepective of her views, it would be great to have a female in the VP house.

She IS a middle finger, being shoved at Americas face. Now that is shocking. Palin-inated, a two handed finger!

Joe said...

That's an interesting point about desensitization. At the end of the day, gestures and words only have the meaning and weight that we allow them to have. I've always chosen to measure that based on my level of respect for the person involved.

Leesa said...

larry: from where I sit, Palin is not good or bad. We simply don't know enough about her.

joe: I think you made a more interesting point.

btsea said...

I had a driver do it to me the other day. Okay, I deserved it, or maybe a quarter of it. The 1/4 finger...I forgot to use my signal and it cause him a 2 second delay. 1/4 finger? What do you think? 1/8? 1/2?

A place I worked at one of the managers used the F word on an employee. He was out the door like an hour later. What was odd about that place was you could use ALL sorts other sublter harrassment methods (basically like psychological torture) and not get fired. Go figure.

Today I was in the library, and the guy at the computer next to mine got mad at his computer and said "Jesus....F--" It's pretty rare to hear those words together now, at least for me. I figured he was probably religious. Who else would swear like that?! Nor do you hear H*ll alot. Maybe because it is so far from people's minds.