Thursday, September 18, 2008


Woman adjusting her pokadot panties.Okay, the people who read me regularly know that I have not been writing regularly. I have had to make some adjustments - because I have other pursuits now. I have had to juggle my time; sort of like when you pull your panties out of your ass – making the panty adjustment. Okay, not really that way.

Every time I change something I need to make an adjustment. When I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper, I had to make adjustments. I had to keep sharp knives away from my desk at the office because without my caffeine fix I would risk plunging the knife into random passerbyers. PMS may be a legitimate murder defense, but caffeine withdrawal. Not so much.

When I started blogging, I made some adjustments, too. I had to sacrifice porn surfing for blogging. Oh, and I guess I sacrificed some work time as well. But I was willing to make that sacrifice. Guess it was more of a sacrifice for my bosses.

Well, I am not on a good schedule for blogging right now. I wanted to do a Tuesday-Thursday thing, but it has not worked out by now. Guess I need to adjust myself. Just making an adjustment.


Grant said...

I'm currently giving up Diet Dr. Pepper, so I feel your panties. I meant pain.

Joe said...

Feel free to adjust yourself. I'll avert my eyes until your next post.

~Deb said...

*Deb makes weighing motions*

Porn? ... Blogs? ... Porn? ...Blogs?

Happy medium?



All adjusted and better now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Leesa, but the porn has been winning out lately, hence my absence from the blog. Of course one thing leads to another and like a bad penny I'm back.


Tony said...

Sorry to post as anonymous, I forgot my password... duh.

QUASAR9 said...

love the metaphor
and a picture of you adjusting your knickers would be just perfect

Now that would bring all the stalkers out of the woodwork

Ian Lidster said...

You posted that photo just to disquiet me, didn't you? Meanwhile, lovely lady, it's great to see you here whenever you are here. Funny, when I was recently in Hawaii (laptop-free) I didn't miss blogging a bit. But now I'm back, I'm enjoying the connections again. Would I, could I quit completely? The jury is still out.

Anonymous said...

Just keep blogging as you can. I like it....and have read a lot of your "writings". Is there more of them somewhere that I haven't discovered....I just read the ones on the right. Fill me in...don't want to miss anything. FYI! - I hate Ramen and don't hang out in basements...but I do love good erotica ;)

Deb said...

Just blog when you can. Why need a schedule?

Leesa said...

grant: After giving up Diet Dr. Pepper for a while, I have sucummed to the temptation again.

joe: always the gentleman.

~deb: funny girl.

tony: are bed pennies lucky?

quasar: I like metaphors.

ian: I have always wanted to go to an island.

KYCM: sometimes I write other than erotica.

deb: I have OCD. I like schedules.