Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot Day

Today is a holiday: Patriot Day.

I am not really sure I understand Patriot Day. As I have said previously, I don't get how being in a building on the wrong day at the wrong time makes on a hero/patriot. I know the terrorists were psycho douchbags. I get that.

But as Americans, we kinda piss people off. It does not mean that the people we piss off have a right to run into two of the World Trade Center Buildings or the Pentagon. I am not saying that. We should not, however, be surprised when psycho douchbags do bad things.

We already have Independence Day (a patriotic day), President's Day (a patriotic day), Veteran's Day (a patriotic day) and Memorial Day (a patriotic day). I don't see the need for another patriotic day. Unless the Mail carrier's union is pushing to get another holiday, a few years down the road.

Me, I am taking the day off. After all, a few years ago, 19 people walked onto planes to visit various New York and Washington, DC attractions. And we have not been the same since.


mal said...

I have heard that some times we can take as much pride from who our enemies are as by who are our friends.

Maybe, It is a question I would rather we did not have to consider

Grant said...

I only get two of those five days off. I feel that, as a veteran, I should be allowed to take veteran's day off with pay and should be allowed to demand bj's whenever I want throughout the day.

Leesa said...

mal: well said.

grant: you would like to be president. I think he can demand that every day.