Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remember Me: YouTube Video

Lizzie Palmer made a YouTube video called "Remember Me." It aired on Fox News Sunday.

I watched this video, and what is interesting, is that after I watched it, I noticed that the first video that was "related", was on Oral Sex. Not sure what that was about. Definitely a way to remember someone, but it was not the point of the video.

My regular Wednesday post will be tomorrow (I try to post M-W-F). I guess tomorrow being Wednesday, you might guess I would post tomorrow.


Advizor said...

Thanks for posting the video, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. I appreciate the men and women who have put themselves in harm's way to defend my freedoms.

While I have strong disagreements with President Bush and how he got us in to this war, I am grateful for the front line soldiers who do their best to carry out their missions.

I have no patience for people who attack the military men and women personally or who advocate pulling the funding that is vital to keeping them safe. If you want an end to the war, deal with the politicians, don't blame the soldiers.

Thanks again for posting the video, it brought a tear to my eye and reminded me that I need to send off a couple of e-mails to the front lines.

~Deb said...

Beautiful video.

Leesa said...

advizor: thanks, sweetie. Yeah, I don't agree with Iraq - not so sure about Afghanistan (though we sort of screwed that up again).

~deb: thanks, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Very touching. I know someone in Iraq, call his Dad now & then, send a card now & then. This does remind me. These soldiers (on the whole) are so young!

Anonymous said...

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