Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chatting Experiment

Come and chat with me some time. Bring a credit card.I don't often chat on Yahoo Messenger, but I occasionally do so. And since I don't chat often, the odds of one of my buds being online is fairly small. I mean, I really want to chat with my buddies, but since they are not losers spending 22 hours/day online, they are not there when I need them.

Well, in that case, if you really want to chat with someone, you can always log onto the "chat rooms." Now I remember chat rooms when they were actually full of real people. By real people, I mean people like you and me. Now a days, that is not the case. The chat rooms are full of robots.

Normally, it is really easy to tell the professionals from the normal people. And by professional, I mean stripper. And by normal people, I mean mostly men and lesbians. I normally don't pay attention to the professionals. They pretty much just want my credit card information so they can charge the card.

Well, I got a gift card a while back, and there was a little money left on it. I really think stores do gift cards partially because of the wasted end of the card. You know, all of those $2 or $3 adds up. Well, anyway, I had a card that

HornyHannah75: i'm gonna send you a cam invite here k?
Leesa: Sure.
HornyHannah75: ok sent, did you get it?
Leesa: Nah.
HornyHannah75: hmm.. let me try again, hang on
Leesa: Didn't work.
HornyHannah75: what about now?
Leesa: No, not quite
HornyHannah75: ugh, this is stupid, this always happens to me when i use yahoo.

Then you get lured into a paid site, and you give them your credit card info. Well, since I had a little money on a card, I chanced it. I really wanted to see if they would drain the account after I gave it to them.

Well, they have not drained the account. Yet.

But after I went to the chat room, I was "alone" with one very nice woman. I may have said it before, but I am a bit picky about lusting for women. Not all women get my juices flowing, so to speak. She did not. She was cute and all, but she was just not my type.

So here I was, girl that I was not attracted to in a bra and panties. And I was chatting with her. I first asked her to put up two fingers. I just wanted to ensure it was live.

She takes off her top, and I am just chatting with her. Where are you from? How did you get into this line of work, and she is asking me if I like her nipples. Not sure she was ready for my chat. Here I was, doing Barbara Walters, and she was doing her nasty chat. It was a bit comical.

It cost me $1. Plus they will probably drain my account. I don't really care. The dear was sweet and professional. Which is a bit weird for someone who takes her clothes off for strangers every day.

Now I sort of feel like the people who spend 22 hours on the Internet each day. Maybe I should live in a basement. Well, I first have to find a place with a basement. Instead, perhaps I will stay out of chat for a month.


Anonymous said...

I hear most cam girls are from former Soviet block countries. Dude, I wish I could get women to just ask me how I feel about their nipples.


~Deb said...

Ah chat. So 90's. I remember lurking in the IRC chat rooms - have you ever ventured into those? Unreal. The bots are just there to monitor or stalk or whatever they do. It does get addicting if you're in a room that you get familiar with. The webcam thing... eh, it's slow moving.

My type of "chat" has now become Myspace emails.

Going backwards...I know. :)

Leesa said...

edge: well, the chat room I went to had an American girl (woman).

~deb: I remember IRC. I did not really do it. More of a lurker than a participant. Heck, I remember bulletin board systems (okay, I was a bit geeky before it was cool). Not real geeky, but I did dial up some bbs. Actually, I helped create some online community that was like a text based . . . Gawd, I am a geek.

~Deb said...

Aren't bulletin board systems like message boards? Not familiar with that system, or was it that the "chat" screen had to be refreshed? I remember those!

Oh... I'm back blogging again. I knew my resignation wouldn't last that long. My mind was literally blank - thought it would be forever.

I'm sentenced for life of blogging.



LarryLilly said...


I met my current wife in an IRC room back in the mid 90's. Funny thing was that it was a canadian site, inahbitated by mainly canadians, a few people from Washington and Oregon, I was in Oklahoma, and my wife was at the time also from OK, and she was one of a couple a "hostesses" for the guy that set it up from Ontario.

We met in real about a month later, married in 4 months, will be married 10 years in two weeks.

Yeah, the IRC rooms were fun.

Ian Lidster said...

You're a braver soul than I am Leesa. I don't think I'd be up to giving them my credit card info.
By, the way, you didn't answer her question: Did you like her nipples? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

But if she did not get Leesa's Juices floowing then I doubt she was anything "That Great".

If it ain't in front of me so I can See, Touch, Taste and smell, then it's worthless :(

Viva face to face!



~Deb said...

Larry: Wow! That's amazing! If I can recall correctly, you had to pick your own server (location) to which you were going to chat in. It was tricky because the system was so intricate and complicated. I usually ended up somewhere in Pakistan until I finally realized it wasn't the language I spoke in.

Monica said...


Leesa said...

~deb: yeah, just saw the note and blogged about it today.

larry: what a story!

ian: you know, her nipples didn't really do anything for me, but, politely, I told her that they were nice. Nice doesn't seem like much of a compliment, huh?

Pyth0s: face-to-face? I prefer face-to-navel.

~deb: hyjacking my messages again?

monica: I have not seen you in forever!

Prata said...

You know...IRC isn't a "used to be" place....IRC is very much alive and kicking on MANY servers all over the world.

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