Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Trick or Treat Part III

As we got back to the room, thoughts of dread filled my head. I wondered how Ross was doing. Sure I was pissed that he wanted to lie to his wife that I was a hooker, but does that deserve me paying some man to butt fuck him without his permission? No. There was a chance that he enjoyed it, but knowing Ross the way that I do, I had a feeling it really freaked him out. I also did not like him using the name John instead of Ross. I thought it was disingenuous.

All of these hostile feelings began dissipating after I entered the hotel room. Ross looked helpless. "Miss us?" I offered as we crossed the threshold of the room.

I took the handcuff keys from the dresser and unlocked them. "I bet your wrists hurt, sweetie," I said. Debbie looked at Ross and then at me, and she said, "Slip into John's position for a while." I paused momentarily, almost forgetting that Rossâ name was John.

I had kept the name deception straight all night so far, and I almost slipped up. I slipped one of my wrists into a cuff and shut it with my other hand.

Then I offered a wrist to Debbie. "Cuff me, sweetie." She cuffed the other cuff, and I was now helpless. As soon as I heard the mechanism snap into place, Debbie said, "Bitch." That did not sound promising. "Debbie," she said to me (remembering from the other stories that we were both named Debbie) and she touched my jaw, positioning my face so that I was looking at her on the bed, "we are going to play a little game, sort of like 20 questions.

I will ask you a series of questions, and you will answer Yes or No." Debbie paused for a moment, then corrected herself, "You will say Yes and lick me when you mean No."

Then Debbie unbuttoned her pants, slipping out of them quickly, making the bed move a little under her preparations. She then removed her panties, revealing herself to me and to her husband. She went over to her purse and took something from it, giving it to her husband. I tried to see it, but I could not turn my head far enough to see the transaction.

She then got back on the bed, spreading her legs so I had access to her vagina. When she mentioned licking, she meant licking. Debbie began the questions: "Has my husband ever paid to have sex with you?"

"No," I answered, then remembered the rules. "Sorry."

"Debbie, you know the rules. John, please spank Debbie for forgetting."

I felt Ross hit me with something made of wood. It stung a little, but surprisingly, it really did not hurt. I quickly licked Debbie's cunny, knowing that this would satisfy her.

"I believe you, Debbie," she said.

"Have you ever met John?" I licked her cunny a little slower, remembering that I might be in better shape if she enjoyed the licking.

"I do not believe you. Spank her John.

" Another hit. And then another.

"Again, have you ever met John before tonight." I licked her again, and I received another hit.

"John, plug her up. What size butt plug would you like?" "None," I answered. "Use the big one, John," responded Debbie. I knew she wanted to control the whole situation, but I did not want her too. Then I felt a cold gel on my arse, and then Rossâ finger in my arsehole.

I then felt Ross placed the large butt plug in my arsehole.

It was very uncomfortable. Ross then hit me again, and part of the wood hit the butt plug, and it hurt so much more.

Debbie grabbed me by the hair and said, "Don't lie to me again, bitch." Has John ever been in your little asshole before?" Debbie asked. I licked her again, slowly tracing my tongue along her large labial lips. I received three more stinging spanks. I began to suspect that Ross wanted to spank me.

"Debbie, do not lie to me. I am sure John, or should I say Ross, is spanking you with more vigor now. I know Ross christened your ass last night."

"Did you enjoy Ross fucking your ass last night?," continued Debbie.

"Yes," I answered.

"Ross, hit her for enjoying herself with a married man."

Three more hard hits, each one nicking the butt plug.

My ass was on fire.

"Debbie, Ross wants you now, I can tell. But his ass is sore from the spanking I gave him when I found out about you. He told me that you would not allow him in your vagina, is that correct?"


"Would you allow my husband in your vagina right now?"

I began licking Debbie's vagina greedily, wanting to convey how I did not want her husband in me. I parted her smaller lips with my tongue, and I tasted her sex in my mouth. I knew she was enjoying this. I traced her outer lips with my tongue occasionally, doing what I enjoy when my husband licks me. Debbie then did something totally unexpected. She got up, a bit unsteady on her feet, but she got up nonetheless.

I could tell she was behind me, and she asked, "Do you want my husband to fuck your little cunt?"

"No," I said, and I received a hard hit, by her, I am sure.

"My husband is really ready for a fuck. Can he fuck you in the cunt?"

"No." Two hard hits.

"Can he fuck your little pussy?"


Three additional hits, two took a direct hit on the butt plug. I was in agony.

"Yes," I screamed.

"Yes, what?"

Debbie asked me.

"Yes, I would like your husband in my vagina."

"Call it a pussy, Debbie," Debbie answered.

"Yes, I would like your husband in my pussy."

"Open yourself for my husband," Debbie said laughing, then added, "I will do the honors since you are a little tied up now."

Debbie spread me open, and almost immediately, I felt Ross inside of me.

"Yes," is the only word Ross said. Ross was fucking me doggie style, and I could tell that Debbie was kissing her husband.

He was pawing her and fucking me. This I could tell. It was not long before I felt Ross empty himself into me, the first two squirts being incredibly strong, spewing his cum deep inside of my unprotected vagina.

He continued to cum, continued to deposit his sperm into me. He stayed in me until her was completely flaccid.

It was a great fuck, but now I could not tell my husband that another guy had not been in me since we have been married. I felt guilty and was beginning to feel cold.

Debbie instructed Ross to uncuff my left handcuff.

Ross then untied it from the bed. "Nice cuffs," Ross said after inspecting the handcuffs.

They were very sturdy, needed to be since they needed to restrict Ross when he was getting buttfucked.

"Stand up," instructed Debbie. Because my other wrist was still cuffed to the bed, I was leaning to one side.

Ross then took both my wrists behind my back, his strong hands securely clutching them. He then uncuffed the other cuffs. Debbie then instructed me to clean up and get dressed. She told me not to remove the sore butt plug just yet.

I got completely dressed, even putting my panties over myself, which obscured the butt plug from view. Ross then took my wrists and began kissing them.

I started to lower my guard, and just then he put both hands behind my back, deftly cuffing me before I knew what was going on. Debbie then asked for the keys. She placed them in a small plastic container and sealed the container.

"Neat small butt plug," she said, showing it to me in front of my face.

"It even has a small area to carry things. Debbie pulled up my dress in front, and then pulled my panties down past my vagina.

She stared at my vagina for a moment, and said, "Still wet, I see."

She then shoved the cold hard plastic container into my vagina and put my panties on again. She smoothed my dress down, and then looked me over. She went to the bathroom and got a hand towel, then draped the hand towel over my handcuffs, hiding them.

Debbie then explained:

"It is now about 12:30 a.m., and most of the guests in this hotel are asleep. I hope you can find a Good Samaritan to help you out of your predicament. Of course, I would guarantee that any guy would love to dig into your pussy and remove the key.

But why would he unlock such a taste fuck? Unless you want to let us release you and tell your husband what you have been doing these last two days."

"No, don't tell my husband," I pleaded. With this Debbie said, "Good luck," and kissed me on the mouth, inserting the tip of her tongue in my mouth. I bit her tongue, to which she replied, "Bitch.

Funny thing is that I was just going to scare you and have Ross take off the cuffs. Not now."

With that, she pushed me out of the hotel room. I was fucked. Please e-mail me if you want to see what will happen next.

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