Thursday, August 04, 2005

Protein Shake

The anniversary date is approaching four years, but I can remember it as if it was yesterday.

I was visiting my sister and her husband in Georgia. They live on a barrier island near Savannah, Georgia, and I was visiting for St. Patrick's Day. While visiting, I stayed on the futon in the living room. We had stayed out late into the night on St. Patrick's Day it is a really big deal in Savannah and I woke up with a bit of a hangover.

Truthfully, I had a bit of a buzz from the night before. I was in the kitchen making coffee and starting my breakfast. I was reaching to get a glass from the kitchen cabinet, when I heard the rustling of papers. I turned my head around to see my brother-in-law looking at me from over his paper. He was in the living room reading the morning paper.

It was fairly early in the morning, so I did not have my robe on, so my brother-in-law who I will call David for the sake of the story saw me in a fairly skimpy nightie. Because I was reaching for the glass, I am sure my nondescript cotton-white panties were in full view.

I returned to the living room to get my robe on, making me feel more comfortable and less revealed.

"Thanks for the show," Dave mused. "Dave, you are such a pervert," I retorted. Dave answered, "I was not in the kitchen in that nightie."

Brushing my hair behind my right ear, I said, "Yes, you would certainly be a pervert if you were in this."

I heard the shower in the master bathroom turn on. "Not my color," Dave through back at me.

At that point, I cannot explain why I did this. Maybe it was because my sister was taking a shower and could not hear the banter.

Maybe I was still a little drunk. But for whatever reason, I approached Dave and kneeled down on the floor next to him.

"You are in my bed, sweetie," I told him, looking directly into his dark brown eyes.

My sister hated when I called Dave sweetie, but I knew he liked it.

"There is room for two," he suggested, but I just looked at him again.

"No thanks," I answered.

Then I reached into his shorts, and started massaging his penis.

He looked like a frightened deer. He loved my sister , I knew that. I loved her, too.

But then I took his penis into my mouth, and he was silent.

He was hard in an instant. I rolled his penis in my mouth slowly. I touched every part of it with my tongue.

I began to suck it, and I knew he would not stop me. He was silent during my oral gift, and when he came, I fixed my mouth tight around him, catching every last drop.

I swallowed, grinned and thanked him for my morning treat. In the background, I heard the water shut off from the master bathroom. I tied my robe tightly around my waist.

There was moisture between my legs, and really wanted Dave to be inside of me. But I did not want to get caught.

I retreated to the kitchen, starting to make bacon and eggs. When my sister came into the kitchen, she asked why I was cooking bacon, knowing that I don't eat much meat.

"I wanted my protein this morning," was my reply. The taste of her husband was still in my mouth when I said that.

The rest of the week, Dave tried being alone with me, but I would not allow that. I was not ready for him to take it to the next level.


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Doublebogie said...

Is your slut radar on??
I saw this post on the side-bar and I just knew what the subject matter would have to be. Of course, Me, the pervert, was interested. I can't friggin believe the only comments you got on this were spam!!!
How I would love to have an "oral gift" like that in the morning. I don't think my wife knows that it's possible to have any kind of sex in the morning. The only kind of morning sex I've had lately is when I come home from work and beg at 2 AM.
Absolutely LOVE the post. Mmmm!

Leesa said...

Thanks, doublebogie. Yeah, my stories don't get many comments. Some say they read them but don't comment on them.

Thomas said...

I jerked off for this one.

Xorpheus said...

WHOA!!! I can't imagine if I'm Dave now(while reading this entry of yours)
...till the last drop.

richmanwisco said...

very nice leesa...i've read several of your stories, and they're very good...i'm gonna bookmark this can visit me at

have a great holiday

JD said...

ummm, two words, very hot!!! i've experienced something very close to this and almost got caught, which makes it all the hotter. i think i'll be needing that shower now, a cold one. ty for sharing.

Pyrhonik said...

You have terrific talent for erotica. Being a male, I appreciate the candid style with which you deliver your thoughts. I agree that a good tale contains a portion of truth. I am certainly a lover of this blog of yours and will comment after each time I cum via your magnificent stories!

Advizor said...

I know you posted this story over a year ago, but it's still a great read.

I have a sister-in-law that was a huge flirt before I married her sister. I've fantasized about just this scenario because she spends the night at our house on a regular basis. She is one of those "what if" women in my life. What if I had dated her instead of her sister (wife)? What if I had taken her up on a slightly inebriated offer a month before the wedding? What if I would have gone to her room on the family vacation when everyone else was asleep last summer when her boyfriend left her in tears?

What if......

Anonymous said...

How about what if yr wife could hear you? Imagine how that would rip thru her heart.

Men are such greedy sex pigs.

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