Monday, August 08, 2005

Trick or Treat Part II

The night before, I had ambushed someone I had a relationship with, and we ended up in his bedroom, him christening my ass the first time we met.

The next morning, I got a call from Ross in my hotel room.

The conversation was brief, as his wife was in the shower and he did not want her to know she was calling.

"Hello, dear," he started.

"How did you dream last night?" I answered.

"I do not have a lot of time. I got my wife to meet you for dinner. Does your hotel have a restaurant?"

"Yes," I replied, "but I do not think the food is very good."

"That's okay, I will not be interested in the food. My wife thinks we are going to meet a call girl at the bar."

"Me?" I ask.

"Yes, you. It was the only lie I could think up to get you and her together."

"Ross, I wanted to meet your wife, not sleep with her. Men and their fucking threesome fantasies."

"I have already had a threesome, dear," Ross boasted.

"I am not sure . . ." I started to counter.

Ross ended the conversation with a quick, "Eight oâclock. My wife will be out of the shower in a minute. See you then."

I had managed to get out that he should bring $200 to pay me. That burned me up. And then the dial tone greeted my ear. I was fuming after I processed this information. I wanted to meet the other Debbie, his wife, to see the woman whose husband I allowed in my ass the night before. It was twisted, but he got what he wanted last night. I just wanted what was coming to me.

I came up with a plan, and I made some calls.

That evening I wore my evening dress. It was not at all what a normal call girl would wear, but this was a really nice hotel. I did, however, go to the nearby mall that day and select some edible lingerie. I also had some handcuffs and rope, which I did not use the night before.

There was not time the night before. I went down to the bar at 7:45 p.m., and I ordered straight bourbon. I normally do not drink, but I normally do not impersonate a call girl, either. Ross showed up at five 'til eight, his loving wife on his arm.

They were both dressed more casually than me. Ross spoke first.

"Hi, my name is John. Are you Debbie?"

I cannot believe he is not using his name, but he is calling me by mine. I was mad, and I tried to hide it by swallowing the last of my bourbon.

"Want to buy me another drink?" I asked.

"No, Debbie, you are on the clock now, and I think we should get started," the fake John answered.

That bastard. I was glad that I had made preparations. I led the couple up to my room, and I opened the door.

I was careful to leave all my personal belongings locked up in one of the two closets.

It looked like an unused hotel room. I excused myself to the bathroom, and I asked them to get comfortable.

I exchanged panties, slipping on the edible panties in the bathroom.

I did not want them to melt or anything. When I returned, Debbie was still clothed and Ross had taken his pants off.

"Are you just going to watch, Ma'am," I asked.

"Yes," Debbie responded. She had not even given me a name for her.

I deftly removed my cocktail dress, so I was visible to them in my edible panties and black bra.

"A pity, Ma'am," I responded, "because I wore these just for you. I assumed you have never licked another woman before, and the taste of cherries can help any taste I have."

Debbie smiled.

"Let me do this," I asked, "Can I call you Debbie? My name, so I do not have to continue to call you ma'am." Debbie looked a little shocked, and then she said, "Sure."

"John, this is your nickel, what do you want?" I asked Ross.

I had to remember his fake name. I wish he would come clean about this whole thing.

"I want to fuck your cunt," Ross said. He knew that I do not allow other guys inside of my vagina. It was 8:30 p.m., and if my plan was going to work, I would need to stall a bit.

"Why don't we start by having you start on desert. Lick me for a while. Entice your girlfriend."

"Wife," Debbie corrected.

I got onto the bed, spreading my legs apart, giving Ross a good view of my panties.

"Come on, John, lick my lolly."

Ross put his head between my legs, as I unfastened my bra from behind. I through my bra next to my dress, and I felt his hot mouth touching my panties.

The edible underwear was sugar-based, and the sugar almost melted off my body. His mouth was directly over my snatch, and I could feel his tongue on my skin in short order.

There must have been some thread holding the panties together, because soon I could feel his tongue on my vagina, his tongue running over some of the strings.

He tore the underwear from my body, exposing me to his tonguing.

Debbie slowly moved to the bed, looking intently on her husband pleasing another woman.

I know she had done this before, but I also knew she thought I was a call girl, and I may have intimidated her a little.

"Dear, let me guide you in her," Debbie broke the silence.

"Debbie, please suck on my nipples first," I responded.

Ross was wonderful with his tongue, and between the tonguing and Debbie on my nipples, I soon came.

I then suggested that I give Ross a blowjob before his fuck.

I glanced at the clock, 8:50 p.m. I began licking his shaft, my tongue gliding over his cap, the tip of my tongue running along his penal ridge.

Pre cum started to seep from his penis, and I lapped it up tenderly.

Then I remember that I was suppose to be a call girl, and I began taking his penis inside of my warm mouth. I started violently giving him a strong blowjob, and he started pressing his penis into my mouth more.

After a short time, he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed most of it, only getting a little on my cheek. It was now 9:05 p.m. I looked at the clock, and said, "Well, so far the tab is $200.00. How long do you want me?"

Ross looked shocked. I thought to myself, make me a hooker and I will be a real shit.

Ross said, "I only have $230.00"

I made a bargain. "Tell you what I am going to do. I do not have another john until 1:00 a.m., and I would like to have fun with you two. If you let me tie John up and experiment, I will only charge you the $200.00"

The deal was struck. I had already prepared the bed by fastening both sets of handcuffs to the bed, held by the rope.

Debbie helped me unclothe and restrain her husband on the bed. The upper part of Rossâ body was on the bed, secured by outstretched hands.

He was in perfect spanking position, him on his knees, his ass in full view of the room. After I did this, I took a scarf and covered his eyes.

I also gagged him.

9:30 p.m. I asked Debbie to go downstairs for a drink with me before we were going to continue.

She agreed, and I got dressed with everything but my panties, which were in the bathroom.

I asked her to go ahead of me, as I had to make a quick call.

She left, and I looked at Ross. He was helpless, bound and blind. I fished his wallet out of his trousers pocket and retrieved the $200.00.

I placed the money near him, but he did not see me do this. I then told him that I would be back soon.

I also asked him not to ask to get inside of my vagina again.

He just laughed. I then went to the bathroom and retrieved my KY jelly. I squeezed some into my palm, and I began rubbing it around his asshole.

"Don't make me buttfuck you," I warned.

"Hey, I would love you to spend some time on my ass," he retorted.

I don't know if he was just trying to be tough or what. I took my keys, told him we would be back after a drink, and left, leaving the door slightly ajar.

I found Debbie at the bar, and I asked her what she wanted to drink.

"White wine," she answered.

"Two white wines," I asked the bartender, palming him a $10.

We got a table in the corner, and started watching people. It was ten 'til ten.

The tension was obvious.

"John has never been to me before," I reassured her.

She grinned. I knew she was wondering if Ross had ever been to a call girl before. I ran my fingers through my hair, out of nervousness more than anything.

"You are a beautiful woman, Debbie," Rossâ wife said to me.

"Why do you do this kind of work?"

"Do you really want to know?" I asked, looking at the clock again, knowing that I needed to time this right.


"I will tell you if you kiss me in this bar," I answered.

I was wondering how bad she wanted to know, but the bar was sparsely populated, so even a kiss may be concealed.

Debbie looked around, then gave me a peck on the cheek.

"On the lips, Debbie" I informed her.

"I have to go to the restroom, Debbie," she told me.

"Come with me." We went into the restroom, her in one stall, me in the other.

She said from her stall, "I have no toilet tissue, can you hand me one roll?"

I was going to hand it under the stall, and she asked me to come around.

She did not want to dirty the roll. When I opened the stall door, she was on the toilet and she said, "Kiss me."

I hiked up my skirt, sat on her lap and gave her a passionate, wet, sloppy kiss.

Just then, someone else came into the bathroom. Instinctively I raised my legs so that my legs could not be seen from under the stall.

I breathed silently, put a smirk on my face, and flushed the toilet. The other person in the room went into the other stall.

I mouthed "No toilet paper," informing Debbie that she had the only roll in her hand. "Dear," an elderly woman said, "Are you finished because I do not seem to have any toilet paper in my stall?"

"Here," Debbie said, and I grabbed the toilet paper before she could maneuver it under the stall.

"For a kiss," I again mouthed, and Debbie shook her hand. Debbie, very acrobatically, gave the old woman her roll.

"Are you okay?" the old woman asked.

"Yes," Debbie lied.

"I think I ate something which disagreed with me."

In a moment the old woman was out of the restroom, and we were out of the stall, after another kiss. I was beginning to feel sorry for Ross after we left the bathroom, looking up at the clock and it being 10:30 p.m.

I told Debbie that I had become a call girl in college, and the money was too good to pass up, so I continued doing it after I started working.

While Debbie and I had out bathroom adventures, Ross was getting his just deserts upstairs.

I do not know what actually happened, but I paid a male escort to buttfuck him.

That was what the $200.00 was for.

We ordered another drink on my assistance. I did not want to run into the male escort. I told Debbie that the anticipation when John (Ross) was tied up should cause him to fantasize.

We got back up to the room, and the door was closed. I unlocked it, and I saw no money on the floor. Ross asked who it was, and I said that it was us, silly.

He did not tell his wife some man fucked him while we were getting drinks. And he never again asked to cum inside of my vagina. I think I will have to tell you what happened in the next part at another time.


TennisTitan said...

Fantastic.... you write such good dialogue, but please not "through" it's "threw" as you use it.

Miranda said...

lmao....Wow this is great....dammit I have to stop reading these at work.

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