Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dream within a Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night, and well, since it was extremely weird and disturbing, I can’t really tell my girlfriends about the dream.

Okay, this was the dream, and it is a bit confusing because I dreamt that I woke up (it reminds me of stories within stories, like some old Indian fables):

I woke up, then made my way into my bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror – tousled hair, sans makeup, sleepy eyes. I looked lovely. I smiled, improving the image significantly, and made my way to the toilet.

I sat myself down, sleepily staring straight, and I began to pee. And it burned, like there was some sort of microbial battle occurring within my ureter. Or is it urethra? Darned high school biology. I think urethra is the one in this case – both are kidney tubes, so to speak. Anyway, first thought is STI, and in the dream, in my mind, I recall the last sexual encounter I had.

And the encounter, in my sleeping mind’s eye, was part of the dream as well. I remember the encounter well, me wanting him so bad and in such an anti-Leesa way that I did not want him to use a condom. Completely out-of-character, but that’s probably why I was dreaming the experience.

Then I woke up (in real life, not in the dream). The first thing I did was check the sheets, knowing that dreaming of peeing may have had some unintended consequences. My 600-count sheets were bone dry (pun intended), and I relaxed.

Then I went to the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I smiled and made my way to the toilet and was almost afraid to pee. No burning – but no sex either. Just a real surreal morning. After getting back to the bedroom, the morning sun dancing in the clouds looked more like a sunset than a sunrise, and momentarily, I thought perhaps I slept through the day.

I spent the next hour searching through the Internet, wondering about how I should interpret this dream. Some things are better left alone, I suppose.

It should not surprise me that so many authors make videos. Meg Cabot was the latest I found. I have three books in my mind right now, and I am working on them. Next step is getting them down on paper. One will take me so much time to write (non-fiction), one is half-of-a-story, and one may write itself if I have the right mixture of time, rest, wine, and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

it's good to see you post again, hon.

Michael said...

Good to see you on here again...I would think that it is a mix of guilt over the sex, and how much you wanted it and the missing of it it too. I do often think that dreams are better left as us to just wonder and ponder on, and not find the meaning.

Deb said...

She's back! *happy dance*

I do believe our dreams are our subconscious trying to tell us something. Then again, there are some dreams that are so 'out there' that I don't even wanna bother knowing why.... meh.


LarryLilly said...

Welcome back. You need to see several more operas, you are not the fifth person and dreams are best seen and not thought about.

I like opera, well, I like most of Puccinnis operas, Turandot is my fav, great music all through the whole work.

write some more, it will be a warm, no, hot summer. It will be better if you spread some words around, straight line isnt required, circular reasons work as well.

Zephyr said...

Damn. I could use a good sex dream.

Leesa said...

Jim: thanks, sweetie.

Michael: Weirdly, I rarely miss the sex. I hope that does not say anything bad about me.

Deb: I completely agree with you about dreams. And your name lost its tilde (~). Thanks for the happy dance.

Larry: Operas cost so much to see. I want to see "The Magic Flute" next though. I love the music, so even if the singing is a dud (which I don't expect), I can get lost in Mozart's notes.

Zephyr: I know how to encourage a good sex dream. And it is not naughty.

Anonymous said...

I used to be able to interpret dreams. They are nothing more than the mind working out the stress of the waking world.

My stab is that you are having some apprehension with your looks and your sexual situation. Maybe the questions of "Will I be attractive to another man?" or "Will there be sex and will I have to endure more pain?" might be common questions you are mulling.

Anonymous said...

Just a guess. You really have to know the person and know the situation to correctly interpret it.

Xmichra said...

Dreams are tricky business indeed. I would have gone immediately to the sheets upon waking as well ;)

I likely would have thought that the reflection in the mirror being beutiful but your insides being in pain would have meant something. But then again, dreams happen from eating too much food too, so you just never know!

Sheen V said...

I have some very vivid dreams, too. Sometimes I wonder about myself and why I have such dreams.

Leesa said...

Knot: I don't think I am uncomfortable with my looks. I may be uncomfortable with my sexuality, though.

Xmichra: A very interesting point, indeed. I will have to ponder that. I don't know if that interpretation is correct, but it seems sophisticated. I really like that.

Sheen: I see remembered dreams as gifts.