Friday, September 25, 2009

Recent History: Football

Think about good football teams. Storied football teams. Look at this list:

Michigan St
Penn State
Texas A&M

What if I were to ask you for a team that has more national championships than any of these teams. What would you say? We know about USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Michagan, Alabama, Ohio State. But there is one team that might surprise you: Georgia Tech. They have won four national championships to three or less for the teams listed above.

But more shocking than that is that there are a couple of schools who have won more national championships than any of the schools I have listed: Princeton and Yale. Oh, and Harvard has won its share as well, most of which predate World War I. Anyway, just a little fact I tripped on the other day. Just goes to show you that we focus on recent history. This, of course, pertains to more than football. Today, I am just illustrating with a football example.


Malach the Merciless said...

Sorry, I live in the Northeast, we hate college football up here

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do focus too much on recent history. What professional team has won the most championship titles? You see, that's a loaded question. Because most people will think "Superbowl" = "Championships". In fact The Superbowl was started in the late 60's after the merger of the NFL and AFL. Before that, they played for championships long before a Superbowl. Most people think, "Oh the Steelers." Nope, the Packers have won more championships than any other team with 8 before 1969.

We need more history in school. Because all this relates to our current world view.

Gary K Wray said...

Alabama has 12 that they claim, and 7 that are not contested....

Roll Tide!

Sheen V said...

Go Buckeyes!!

Dr. Deb said...

College football is truly not a Northeast thing. I know it is huge everywhere else.

LarryLilly said...

Growing up in the NY area, when I was in HS, where HS football was played on Saturday, in the daytime, when its supposed to be played, we did have a rare open date. So the coach took the team to a Columbia-Yale game in NYC, and when we got there, and was given a free program, it had an errata sheet inside it. The footnote said that due to GRE tests that day, most of the seniors would not be playing and the teams would be using mostly second stringers. I doubt you would find any of the BCS teams with that problem today.