Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Belated Canadian Thanksgiving

Well, I failed to celebrate another holiday: Canadian Thanksgiving, or as the Canadians call it, "Thanksgiving." (It was October 12 this year.)

I found this YouTube clip that describes the celebration – I will not ruin it for you, Ay.

Here is what I find remarkable about this YouTube channel: all of these shorts are directed by Ryan Rickett. Okay, that is not remarkable. What is, though, is who he has in these shorts: Ellen Page & Justin Long in this short (they are B actors; you can tell B actors because they give away their talent on YouTube). And Ginnifer Goodwin is in my favorite of these shorts, Crappy Easter. And Crappy Easter also has Lisa Nova, a YouTube persona. Anyway, it seems like the director has a bunch of semi-famous friends who like him enough to give away their acting talent for free.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I had a Facebook friend that celebrated CTG. It was the first time I knew someone who celebrated it. Before that, I only knew Paul Schaeffer on Late Night With David Letterman celebrated it. Wonder if they had Canadian food?

Anonymous said...

That was priceless. Thanks sweetie for thinking of us. Actually, I have never tasted poutine in my life, nor have any desire to. We here on the west coast aren't real Canadians I don't think. We spend too much time hanging out in Calfornia and Hawaii.

Malach the Merciless said...

Canada sucks, except for their Universal Healthcare, eh?