Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost School Time

We are less than two weeks away from school starting. I was reminded of this from a VLOG I saw this morning. Two things come to mind: (1) not having children, I don't really know when school normally starts; I just observe changing traffic patterns and figure it out, and (2) because I have not been posting blog entries, I have not really been reading blogs or watching an occasional YouTube video.

In the video Hayley says that for most, high school is not as advertized; that it won't be the best years of your life. Well, I will admit it is not like the movie Grease. Okay, again, two random observations: (1) why did all of the students in the movie look like they were in their mid-twenties; oh, because they were old, and (2) I did not realize until years later that in the lyrics of one of the songs had a dirty word in it; I would not recognize p---- wagon until years later, when I saw a high school production of the play. You can't have a Christmas tree on school property, but you can sing about . . . oh, nevermind.

I thought about high school, and remembered it was really great. Sorry, Haley, but going to your locker to see if your boyfriend placed a note in the locker like you directed him is a good memory. So is selling ribbons before football games, wearing bizarre outfits on certain days, and avoiding physical education for extracurricular activities. It seemed mostly good to me. Memories of heartache, backstabbing bitches, zits and homework fade over time.

But then I thought that elementary school was wonderful, where the biggest decision of the day was white vs. chocolate milk (and rarely we would have the choice of strawberry milk, a truly vile liquid). Walking in straight lines in complete silence seemed more like a game than an imitation of Hitler's youth organization. And science had no real debate. There were nine planets, for oceans, and we did not even talk about global warming. A place where boys were not smart enough to be deceptive, where teachers seemed like teachers and not discipliners.

Middle school seemed cruel. I had some wonderful memories from middle school as well, but I also remember hearing about fights after school, rumors about the first girl who lost he virginity and became very popular with the boys, where people were expelled from school instead of a note going home to a parent. Middle school was all about puberty, about forming cliques, about figuring out how everyone is different.

I look at elementary school through college, and I can't help but grin. Sure, every event seemed more important than it really was, but now, as an adult, do we make things less important than they really are? Well, in a few weeks, traffic patterns will change. For bright eyed children, they will be making memories they will remember for all of their days. Lucky ducks.


LarryLilly said...

If you read my very brief and somewhat tortured blogs, you can see for me early school, Catholic School, was the pits. I mean, how do you escape catholic school that had the daughters of satan running the place. OK, maybe that was a stretch and now, its funny, and I never once said it was horrible, it was just....different. LOL

I thought HS was great. I dont remember more than a dozen kids I went to college with, but I remember most of the 90 HS kids I spent 4 years with some YIKES, 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully, yet wholeheartedly disagree. Strawberry Milk is the best tasting liquid, ever! I also was known as "the girl who drinks pink milk" throughout elementary school. Needless to say I hated school until college. For reasons far and beyond the pink milk label!

Xmichra said...

I have mixed emotions. while i have some really great memories, the ones that are not great sting still. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough money to go back to being 14-19. Now 20.. the 20's rocked.

Malach the Merciless said...

When you grow up you should become a teacher

Anonymous said...

Most kids in high school today are whiny and spoiled. I have one. I know. What I have seen is a decrease in the quality of teachers. I get stories of teachers who say and do things that are down right stupid. - Discussing why you should vote for Obama in Psychology class, showing the movie Selena 5 times in Spanish class, Not actually teaching or lecturing in history class. And these were all honors AP classes.

btsea said...

Certain grades I would repeat, and there would probably be some I'd skip. In first grade I fell way behind in learning to read.

Recess was always fun. I'm glad the schools I went to had recess and not PE. Even in highschool, the PE wasn't too structured.

Anonymous said...

I liked kindergarten and university and hated most of the stuff in between. Even in retrospect I find middle school and high school loathesome, and I was even fairly popular.